Mobile homes have many great advantages. If living within your means or becoming completely debt-free is your goal, an older mobile home should be on the top of your potential housing list. Buying an older mobile home, then building onto it and updating it as your budget allows, is a great way to have a wonderful home at an affordable price.

If you already live in a mobile home, your possibilities are endless! The hardest decision will be where to start. Below are 14 great mobile home exterior makeover ideas to give your home a fresh new look. You certainly don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a big impact so there’s an idea for every budget.

Mobile homes are just like any home when it comes to updating and remodeling. There’s very little difference, if any at all, between a factory-built home and a site-built home, you can read about the top 4 differences here. Basic home updates can make your mobile home look brand new!

14 Great Mobile Home Exterior Makeover Ideas for Every Budget

1. Paint

Paint is every homeowner’s best friend for a reason – nothing else can update a home as quickly and cheaply as paint.

You could paint your home and skirting one solid color and use a second color for trim like the home below. It grounds the home to the land and puts the focus on the upper part of the home, making it seem taller.



2. Install Awnings

Awnings are very popular in the south for good reason – it shades the home and keeps it cooler. There’s also additional privacy and protection from high winds if the awnings are hinged and can completely cover the windows.



3. New Trim Around the Doors and Windows

New trim can give your mobile home a whole new look, especially if you use a contrasting color like the home below. Adding new trim around an older window can help reduce water and air leaks too.



4. Install New Skirting

New skirting can instantly freshen up a mobile home exterior. You don’t have to use the standard vinyl skirting, you can use practically any material you want as long as it can stand up to wind and water.

You can read more about skirting options in Mobile Home Living’s Skirting Guide here. 



5. Install New Windows and Doors

If you can only do one update to your older mobile home we recommend new windows and doors. While you’re doing that you should add new insulation in as much of the home as possible. You will instantly update the look of your home for both the interior and exterior and save money on your heating and cooling costs.



6. Install a Bay Window 

Bay windows have an uncanny ability to make a room seem larger so they’re great for any room, especially a room on the end of the mobile home.

7. Install Wooden Interior Shades 

Wooden louvered shades can add a touch of elegance to your home as well as add privacy and shade.



8. Install a Raised Roof

If your older mobile home needs a new roof consider adding some height. Air circulation is an added benefit of a raised roof. You can build a raised roof directly over the home’s original roof.



9. Add a Porch

Having a porch on your home is as American as apple pie and having extended outdoor living space is always a plus. Just a small porch can add a lot of joy!

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10. Add Flower Beds 

Flowers can add so much beauty to your home for a relatively small cost. You can use bricks, cinder blocks, landscaping timbers, or anything that will hold soil and resist water.Use varying height and colors to add an extra visual element.

You can read more about great landscaping ideas for a mobile home here and here with Landscaping Inspiration for Your Mobile Home



11. Install Shutters

Shutters are a great addition to your home, especially if they are working shutters. We recently wrote about the advantages of shutters for storm safety, you can read it here. 



12. Install New Siding

Siding is an expensive mobile home exterior update but it can completely change the look of the home and help with heating and cooling costs.

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13. Install a Carport 

Having a carport installed is another fairly expensive mobile home exterior update but the convenience makes it well worth it. Having a covered outdoor space is great and the covered parking isn’t too shabby either.



14. Consider Adding Varied Angles to Your Mobile Home

One of the main differences between a factory-built home and a site-built home is the limited shape that a mobile home can have. A manufactured home is typically limited to rectangular shapes so if you can add some additional dimension the home will have a more visually appealing appearance. The homes above and below are both great examples of using additional angles and dimension.



You can get plenty more ideas and inspiration for a mobile home exterior makeover from all these great photos found on Flickr. All of these beautiful mobile homes are in a Huntington Beach, CA mobile home park.














The home below does a great job of incorporating an older home into a beautiful, modern dwelling.







As always, thank you for reading Mobile and Manufactured Home Living!