I am just a tad bit obsessed with vintage Airstream remodels. There’s just something about that shiny aluminum, I guess! I especially love seeing how people remodel a vintage camper – will they keep it original or will they add modern touches? This vintage Airstream remodel has lots of modern additions but still lets the vintage shine through.

The owner of this 1967 Overlander Airstream Trailer has some serious bragging rights. Bill Sheppard is allowed a whole lot of bragging rights!  This vintage Airstream remodel is stunning. Check it out!

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Trying Something New

Bill Sheppard, the mastermind behind this vintage Airstream remodel, had spent his entire life building homes in the Southeast. That all changed when he decided to turn his passion and creativity into remodeling Airstreams. This 1967 Overlander Airstream was his first creation. According to the website, it was an instant hit and sold within 20 minutes of posting it online! You can see more of his company’s work here.

vintage airstream remodel-overlander exterior
This Airstream shines up nice!

Great Combination of Light And Dark

The highly polished exterior of this Airstream gives a good hint that something special is inside. It takes hours and hours to get an Airstream to a mirror shine (and you can’t even achieve that after 1969 because the company changed the aluminum).

As soon as you open the door of this vintage Airstream remodel you’re met with dark flooring, a fireplace under the window, and light furnishings throughout balance the interior.

vintage airstream remodel-living room
Light furnishings help to balance out the space.

There are also huge skylights that let the natural light pour into the otherwise darker interior. This is so awesome. Airstreams have large rectangular vents that can be raised for fresh air on the roof but they are opaque white.

vintage airstream remodel-skylight
These skylights help brighten up the room.

 It has skylights!

vintage airstream remodel-bedroom
Cozy bedroom.

vintage airstream remodel-fireplace

Did I mention the skylight?

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Clean and Modern

This is a beautifully remodeled Airstream with an emphasis on modern amenities and easy comfort for a perfect weekend getaway.

vintage airstream remodel-kitchen
Drawers for those kitchen items.
vintage airstream remodel-interior
Not much counter space.

Vintage Airstream Remodel Are All The Rage

Vintage Airstream remodels like the one featured here are very popular right now. That’s because Airstreams are such high-quality trailers that hold up for the long haul. If you can get your hands on one for the right price, they make a great investment and they are such a joy to use.

What did you think? Love it? Not digging the dark colors? Let us know what you think!

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