The Vintage Camper Fad is Awesome!

There’s a new fad that has hit the internet wide open. The masses have found out about our long held secret called…get ready for it……camping. Yep, camping in a vintage camper.
Tear drops and canned hams are 2 types of the most popular vintage campers, called such because of their shape. Don’t get them confused with the actual manufactures name: AirStream, Shasta, Cardinals, Serro Scotty, HiLo, Trotwood, Spartan, etc. They are detached RV’s that are pulled behind a vehicle (very much like something else we all know and love!)

Vintage camper  3

As you may know, I love vintage mobile homes and to me, campers are simply smaller mobile homes. Both sides of my grandparents loved camping and I was lucky enough to get to go camping just about every summer weekend growing up. My paternal side preferred motor homes and my maternal side preferred pull behinds so I am well versed in both. My father has always owned one type or the other and I have been slowly saving up for a couple years for one of my own to carry on the tradition. Camping is fun and a great way to get away from it all. It’s an escape to nature and a perfect way to spend time with your family.

This new fad is great news for those of us that have always hated the stereotype and stigma associated with mobile homes. I thinks it’s going to open the conversation up and allow those that have never been around mobile homes to learn a bit more about them. That, in turn, will educate them and disassociate the stereotype. Perfect!

Nowadays, weddings with a vintage camper themes are all the rage. This is a good thing, in my humble opionion, because it is helping to introduce our wheeled wonders to the masses. If they can accept the awesomeness that is a camper then they essentially become more familiar with mobile homes as well. It’s a win-win for everyone!

I love that something SO close to mobile homes is becoming so popular!

People are using campers as shops and food stands as well and that’s just as great. There’s no better way to grab a potential customers attention than to have a gorgeous vintage camper showcasing your goods. It’s opening the conversation for even more people to become familiar with mobile homes and manufactured homes.


Do you think the new camper fad will help mobile homes to become more accepted and break the stereotyping? I’d love to hear your comments and thoughts.

Thanks so much for reading Mobile Home Living!

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