Mobile Home Kitchens From 1955 to 1960

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  1. Well, fortunately their advertisement is on this page but unfortunately they went out of business in 1986. We have a 1958 Geer single wide model, and are needing parts and supplies but since the actual manufacturer is out of business, now… Geez!

  2. I purchased a house built in 1962, and on the property is a 10×50 Elcona mobile home… only info I have is the MHMA/TCA gold seal, which leads me to believe it was built between 1965 and 1975… has a front Slant kitchen with breakfast bar, original teal Frigidaire, and sink, matching teal tub, sink in slant bathroom. Having it sealed and painted. Fixtures are original…. wish I could find more info on it tho! This site is helping me with ideas tho!

  3. I have a 1957 Pan Am mobile home (8’x45′). I have the bill of sale. There is a name plate on the side of the trailer. I can’t find any info what so ever. I can’t find anything about the manufacturer, almost like they made my trailer home then were bought out. Anyone know anything? Stay safe, LIZZARD

  4. Hi, We have 2 mobile homes, one is a 1975 Wick home, it also has badges that say Marshfield. It’s a 14×70. and has a fairly modern layout with 3 beds and 2 baths. And we have a 60’s Parkwood, probably 12×50 or so with the raised front kitchen, and mood lights in the living room. and 2 beds one bath. I can’t find a whole lot on either of these homes, so I was wondering if you knew anything about them. Thanks.

    1. Hi Shawn,

      Wic and Marshfield are both VERY popular brands! I’ve seen a ton of them over the years. My Homette has a raised front kitchen and that’s one of my favorite things about the home. You should be able to find a couple of ads or brochures online. Ebay is about the best place I’ve found for mobile home literature. The builder and dealers haven’t released any vintage stuff that I know of. Heck, you can’t even find manuals for a model built 5 years ago.

      Sorry I can’t be any help! Best of luck!

  5. I’ve been trying to find the age of our mobile home. It has no placard. It has been heavily changed over the years and has a basement. It looks somewhat like the 1960 Flamingo with the front kitchen. It had a green built in oven and a separate stove top. I believe it is 12′ wide. The original siding is a light blue steel (possibly aluminum). Wall framing is horizontal 1x2s with vertical 2x2s. Original wiring is 12-2 copper without a ground. Plumbing was 3/8″ copper. Floor joists are 2x4s and 4x4s over cross sections of 12″ I-Beam. Wall panels are cheesy woodgrain brown. Not sure about the roof. I think someone installed 2×12 solid trusses but nailed the old curved roof 1×2 trusses with the ceiling to it. It has 1 bedroom with a sink in it originally. The bathroom has this wierd fan near the floor in the wall that looks 1960s or 70s like. The kitchen floor is about 4″ higher and the ceiling angles upward in that area.

    1. Hi Jack,

      Unfortunately, there are just too many different builders and models to know for sure what your home is, especially after it’s been modified. The front kitchens were very popular from the late 1950’s on and used by several builders. Sorry I can’t help!

  6. We live in an early 60s Angelus mobile home with a front kitchen and love it. It amazes me how well built these homes are.

    1. Hi Jason!

      I adore front kitchens! They are my favorite layout and I’m not even sure why – I just like the idea of having the living space on one side and the sleeping space on the other, I guess?

      Great to hear from you!

  7. I am looking or the Spartan Carousel for sale – remodeled as shown on your website. Can you direct me to the seller or comparable? thank you.