2007 Fleetwood manufactured home makeover

Hunter’s 2007 Fleetwood Manufactured Home Makeover

Hunter knows small living.  She also knows how to transform a home. Her 2007 Fleetwood manufactured home makeover is amazing!

Hunter lived in an awesome Airstream for 15 years before buying a double wide with 1200 square feet. She bought this 2007  Fleetwood, sitting on an acre of land in central Florida, so her dog could have a yard. Talk about a lucky dog!

Affordable Real Wood Flooring

Hunter installed real wood flooring throughout her entire home using an unconventional method that is brilliant. She bought 4′ x 8′ sheets of plywood, had them cut into 8″ strips, and attached them with antique cut nails. After it was all installed she stained the wood.

Using plywood as floor covering is a great way to get real wood flooring in your home at a significant savings. A 1/2″ thick pre-sanded sheet of plywood (15/32 CAT PS1-09 Pine Sanded Plywood at Lowe’s) costs $24.95. For less than $25 you can cover 32 square feet of floor (around $1.31 per  square foot). After staining you still get 1/2″ of real wood flooring for less than $1.50 per square foot. The cheapest real wood flooring at Lowe’s is 3.78″ wide spice bamboo that runs $1.99 per square foot. Wider planks start at $2.99 per square foot.

Below is one of the luckiest dogs in the world along with the 8″ plywood strips Hunter used throughout the 2007 Fleetwood manufactured home:

After the plywood has been installed:

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2007 Fleetwood Manufactured Home Makeover 

Complete Kitchen Remodel

Hunter did a lot of work in her new kitchen during the 2007 Fleetwood manufactured home makeover. She explains the details on her web page:

I tore out the sink, counters, and all the lower cabinets, and the upper cabinet over the dishwasher. Bought a new farmhouse sink, commercial style faucet, counters, dishwasher and slide in stove.  Then I replaced the border with marble subway tiles.  I also bought three new lower cabinets, the ones at Lowes are almost an identical match. I added the little feet for a custom look.

The kitchen and dining area before Hunter’s 2007 Fleetwood manufactured home makeover:

The beautiful new kitchen and dining room after the makeover:

Hunter’s rustic farmhouse style is perfect!

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Glamorous Master Bedroom

The master bedroom got an amazing transformation! It’s a true ‘blah to beautiful’ makeover. Hunter used light grays, whites, chrome, and mirrors to give the room a whole new glam look.

Here’s the bedroom before:

The gorgeous glamorous bedroom after:

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Modern Master Bathroom

Hunter completely remodeled the master bathroom as well. She replaced the bathtub with a shower unit, replaced the cabinet and sink, added wainscoting, and tiled the floor.

Here’s the master bathroom before the remodel:

The master bathroom after Hunter’s 2007 Fleetwood manufactured home makeover:

She saved money on the marble trim around the counter top by using several marble window sills butted up to each other.

Great Guest Bedroom and Bathroom

Since the guest bath was smaller Hunter was able to splurge on the tiled floor and cabinetry. The guest bedroom and bathroom before the makeover:

Amazing 2007 Fleetwood manufactured home makeover (guest bathroom before)

Below is the beautiful new guest bedroom and bathroom. The guest bedroom was modernized by removing the wall border. The plywood flooring looks great in the bedroom!

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Amazing Living Room 

Last, but certainly not least, is the amazing living room makeover.  It speaks for itself!

Before the amazing 2007 Fleetwood manufactured home makeover:

And after:

The shiplap walls and the built-in TV (hidden behind the large horse painting) are both great projects for any home.

Shiplap walls are the latest in home design as it adds a natural rustic texture to a space, instantly giving the space warmth.

Built-in Television DIY Project

Hunter’s shiplap wall treatment works as a built-in hideaway for her TV in the living room. It’s an ingenious way to make a single DIY home improvement project work double time!

Below is the process Hunter used to create her custom built-in shiplap wall (photos below):

  1. Frame the wall with 2×4’s (using the proper measurements so the TV sits flush with the planks).
  2. Install the TV. Make sure there is a path for the wires and cables along the framing.
  3. Cover the wall using 6″ planks cut from plywood. Stagger the planks.
  4. Paint the ship-lapped wall.
  5. Attach a track bar system to hold a painting or doors that can roll over the TV to hide it.

Step 1 – Frame the Wall

The first step was to frame out the wall using the proper measurements to surround her flat-screen TV. This gives the wall enough strength to hold the weight of the 6″ plywood planks and frames the TV perfectly.

Step 2 – Attach Plywood Planks

Next, plywood was cut into 6″ strips and used to cover the wall:

Step 3 – Paint the Wall

Then the wall was painted to match the rest of the living room and the ceiling:

Step 4 – Install Tracking Hardware 

Finally, a tracking system was installed so a large painting could be rolled over the TV when not in use. Perfect!

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Hunter’s Awesome Airstream

Hunter has impeccable taste. Her Airstream is just as awesome as her home:

You can see more of Hunter’s beautiful home here and you can read all about her Airstream here.

It’s so inspiring to see another great home that proves affordable living can be stylish living. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home with us, Hunter!

Thank you for reading Mobile Home Living!

9 thoughts on “Hunter’s 2007 Fleetwood Manufactured Home Makeover”

  1. I want to redo my kitchen and bathroom sinks, but I have had a problem finding a plumber to work on mobile home plumbing. Has anyone else had this problem?

    1. Hi Regina,

      It is a common problem across the nation. Construction is a very stubborn industry and they still believe the stories their 70-year-old bosses shared about a mobile home he worked on in 1954. I’ve found that working on manufactured homes is a bit easier than an old site-built home – at least you know where all the pipes are!

      Try calling your local mobile home supply store. They should be able to recommend a plumber.

      Best of luck!

  2. I have been unable to find a cost for the remodel. I have been scouring sites trying to determine if it is worth it to fix up the one we have or cut our losses and just get a mortgage on a new one.

    1. Hi LaDonna,

      That’s a question that is best answered on a case-by-case basis. There are a lot of factors and variables that must be considered when deciding if remodeling an older manufactured home is the best choice. Simply put, remodeling a mobile home isn’t always the best choice for some people. I’m a big advocate for remodeling and making the best of what you have but sometimes a home is a money pit and there are better options available.

      The structure needs to be in good shape (no flooring, wall, or roofing damage). I tend to look at the age of the home, the ability of the owners to do a lot of the work, the condition of the home, and its location most when deciding whether to walk away or remodel.

      Hope that helps a bit.

  3. catherine v guidry

    OMG!! I always wanted to change my 9 years old home. Im so happy I found you.I really need your help. This home was my mothers then she passed away and I really would like to make some changes. If you know what i mean… My kitchen and living room is my main focus for now…
    Thanks .. hope to hear from you

    1. Hi Katherine!

      You should find lots of great inspiration here! Look through the single wides or double wides (whichever you have) and find one that you like and copy it. That’s what I always do! Thanks so much for the kind words!

  4. Nice redo!
    I’m loving the idea of plywood floors for cost, but how durable are they? Do they chip/dent easily? Any ideas where to see this flooring style in a dark stain?

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