Wood Interior Of A 1956 Spartan Executive Mansion 3

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  1. True love! I used to have a 56 Buddy mobile home, 8X33. Your place reminds me of it. Wish I had never sold it!

    1. I just bought some property that has a house on it. When we got inside the house we found a 1956 Spartan Executive Mansion inside the house. It has been inside the house for about 47 years. Everything in the trailer looks like it did in 1956. Lamp shades and probably the curtains are there. Send me a Email if you would like pics. We are located 20 miles south of Huntsville, Alabama.

      1. Yes, it’s in Bluff, Utah.
        I haven’t been on this site for a long time. Who’s asking?

  2. Hi,

    Does anyone know how they prepped the space for the wood stove? Usually when I mention putting a wood stove in a trailer I get a lot of head shaking and “Oh Noez!”, but clearly it can be done.
    Any tips would be welcome!

    1. Hi Natalie!

      It absolutely can be done in any home! Just make sure you follow your home insurance guidelines – some of them are ridiculous. Here’s a couple articles on how to install a wood stove. We bought a little centennial wood stove from craigslist (about 2.5 foot high and circular) and will be installing it during Thanksgiving week and I’ll be sure to take lots of photos and write an informative article on it. Till then, here’s the articles I found: