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This 2017 Skyline Manufactured Home is a Stunner

Sometimes you see a home online, and you think WOW! Well, this is one of those homes. This 2017 Skyline Manufactured home is going to blow you away and the price may, too! This three bedroom, 1534 square foot Skyline manufactured home is going for a whopping $379,000 in a park in San Francisco according to its Craigslist listing. I know that seems like an insane amount of money but it’s about average for that area. This home is stunning and is located in one of the most popular communities in the area. Check it out and let us know what you think.


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The Exterior Is a Little Deceiving

Honestly, when we saw the first images of this home, we almost kept scrolling. It doesn’t do much to impress and certainly doesn’t seem to match the beauty of the interior.

Fortunately, this Skyline manufactured home is a stunning masterpiece as soon as you walk in the door.

skyline manufactured home-exterior 1
The covered awning and porch accent the front of this home.
skyline manufactured home-exterior 2
The exterior is very deceiving.

A Designer Interior That Stuns

Everything about the interior of this Skyline manufactured home appears to be designer. From the wood laminate floors to the gourmet kitchen featuring marble countertops and backsplash, everything seems to be top of the line.


skyline manufactured home-living room 2
Love this open floor plan design!

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skyline manufactured home-kitchen
Huge island compliments this gorgeous kitchen.


skyline manufactured home-island
Utility sink in the island is perfect for cooking.


skyline manufactured home-hallway
The recessed lighting brightens up the hall.


skyline manufactured home-master bath
His and her sinks in the master bath.


skyline manufactured home-guest bath
Beautiful tile in the guest bathroom as well.

Even the Ceilings Are Designer!

We have noticed with many of the new manufactured home designs are featuring a “tray ceiling.” What that amounts to is a recessed ceiling within a ceiling. We found some cool examples of this design on Houzz if you would like to check them out for some inspiration. Also, one of our recently featured Manufactured Home Design Options: The Sunset Bay by Palm Harbor also featured tray ceilings. They definitely offer a different look beyond those old popcorn ceilings that used to be so popular in manufactured homes.

skyline manufactured home-living room
Notice the tray ceiling?
skyline manufactured home-master bedroom
Tray ceiling in the master bedroom as well.

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Final Thoughts About this Skyline Manufactured Home

As we mentioned before, this Skyline manufactured home has a hefty price tag. But for the location and the amenities that it offers it appears to be a pretty good bargain. Of course, this isn’t the type of home most of us can afford or would even think about buying. But, these high dollar manufactured homes are fun to look at plus they offer great ideas for remodeling our own homes. It’s nice to see that manufactured homes can provide the same WOW factor that some high price stick built homes do.

We would love to hear what you thought of this home, comment below. And as always, thanks for reading Mobile Home Living.

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  1. looking to eventually put a metal roof on, build and cover and screen a back porch.

  2. Hi Tina,

    Manufactured homes have to be built to meet the regulations for each wind zone and since Michigan and Indiana are pretty cold they do require better insulation, higher roof pitch, etc. than a manufactured home offered for sale in SC. Visit your local dealers and see what they have to offer. It’s a fun way to spend a Saturday morning!

  3. Hello Sue,
    I understand what you are saying about the site this lovely home is situated on but…..(you knew that was coming), one blooms where they are planted, n’est-ce pas? We cannot always pick and choose where we are planted, but we can decide to maximize the beauty of wherever our garden grows. Not always easy but there is beauty if one looks, appreciates and decides to contribute to the potential.
    I too, would start with the interior and from what we can see inside I would bet the outside is soon to feel the creative touch.
    However you do bring up a great subject and one every homemaker in every barren suburban new community has to deal with. “Oh my gosh they have bulldozed the entire landscape down not to mention crowding in as many home sites in per square inch as they can”! The view at this moment in time suffers but is there a good if not responsible side to this?
    I believe there is. Creative vision starting with an awesome natural beauty, and that is found no matter where you live on this earth, results in tomorrow’s sought after neighborhoods.

  4. Great on the inside for sure! Really lovely, but the outside? Well in one word, yuck. The area that is sits on doesn’t do the home justice either. I wouldn’t buy it just for that reason. I would love to see this place on some property with nice landscaping done and it would be so dreamy, really. It does have a huge price tag and for that I would expect the outside to be just as lovely as the inside.

  5. Price for this area is not outrageous. Though it is not in San Francisco, it is in the “Bay Area”

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