Gorgeous wrap around porch.

Palm Harbor Manufactured Home Design: The Lalinda

This Palm Harbor manufactured home design, called the Lalinda, caught my eye the second I saw it. The home is only available in a handful of states but it is a great representation of where new manufactured housing design is going. These triple wides aren’t your grandma’s mobile homes!

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The Lalinda seems to be fairly priced. One dealer has the 3-bedroom, 2-bath home with 2,216 square foot of living space priced at $132,000. That’s roughly $60 per square foot. Of course, you need to add the transportation and installation of 3 separate units so that’s going to increase the price per foot quite a bit.

Please keep in mind that we are not affiliated with any dealers or builders so this is our honest opinions and thoughts about the home based on images alone. We just like to look at nice manufactured homes and talk about them.

Triple Wide Design

The Palm Harbor manufactured home design has both a living room and a family room.  Two of the bedrooms are located right off the front entrance while the master bedroom is in the back of the home with the family room. You can tuck the kiddos in at night and sit by the fireplace in the family room without fear of waking them up! Who doesn’t love a little ‘me’ time?

Palm harbor manufactured home design-living room
The living room is a perfect spot for entertaining.
Palm harbor manufactured home design-fireplace in den
The fireplace makes this a cozy spot.

Designer Kitchen Built for Double Duty

This kitchen is beautiful. With an entrance from the living room, dining room, back entrance, and the family room, it is definitely the center of the home.

It has a huge bar area that is perfect for a quick meal or a buffet space when entertaining. Plenty of cabinets and storage space is always a plus in any kitchen. Whether you are hosting a dinner party or have a large family, this kitchen could handle it all.

Of course, like all manufactured homes, you can change the cabinetry and countertops designs but this is a nice combination. I’ve become a big fan of darker kitchens. I’ve definitely learned my lesson about all white kitchens – I’m simply too busy (lazy) for all that upkeep!

Palm harbor manufactured home design-kitchen island
Plenty of storage and space to move around in this kitchen.

The top shelf above the sink may create an inconvenience. It seems like a place that will accumulate lots of dust but a few knick-knacks would look cute sitting up there so maybe it would be worth the hassle?

I am not a fan of the flooring and the countertop combination. It’s just too much of one color for me, I guess.

Palm harbor manufactured home design-kitchen
Beautiful light fixtures above the kitchen island.

No VOG panels is a real plus! Not sure how I feel about carpet at the breakfast bar.

Palm harbor manufactured home design-dining room
The kitchen and dining room flow together nicely.

A Master Bedroom Suite That Has It All

What do you look for in a master bedroom suite? We’re fans of closet space and a roomy master bathroom. The master bedroom suit in the Palm Harbor manufactured home design has both.

There are plenty of windows in the bedroom for natural light but there is also enough wall space if you decide to move your bed from one wall to another.

Palm harbor manufactured home design-master bedroom
Master bedroom with plenty of space.

I question the bathroom design a bit. Especially, the wall separating the tub and shower. That corner seems like a space where water would sit. Cracks and crannies are not the best ideas for bathrooms or kitchens. The shower looks a bit dark and drab, too? But maybe it’s just the image.

Palm harbor manufactured home design-shower
Check out that soaking tub.

All This Porch Needs Is A Swing

The first thought that popped into our head when we saw the exterior of this Palm Harbor manufactured home design was where could you put the swing for those long summer evenings. With a wrap-around porch, columns, and attention to detail, it all makes a statement we love.

Palm harbor manufactured home design-wraparound porch
Gorgeous wrap around porch.

Floor Plan

Floor plans are a great way to get a feel for the layout of a home. In the past, we posted an article on how to find the best floor plan where we spent quite a bit of time looking at this particular plan. We wanted to see exactly how this home was laid out. We even did the virtual tour to get a feel for it. It’s a smart layout for a triple wide.

This Palm Harbor manufactured home design has always caught my eye. I liked the gorgeous exterior most. When I think of a high-end manufactured home this is what I envision.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m not a big fan of exterior living spaces (porches and decks) as part of the chassis. If you compare the cost of building a porch or deck onto a manufactured home and the cost per square foot of a home with a porch included you’ll pay quite a bit more for the deck attached to the chassis. However, the convenience and great design combination could make the additional cost per foot worth it.

Palm harbor manufactured home design-floor plan
Check out the split floor plan.

What are your thoughts? We want to know what things you look for when shopping (or even just daydreaming) for a manufactured home. What features are the most important to you? Comment below!

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