There’s several online tools for remodeling and decor planning available. These tools are wonderful ways to help you pick color palettes, collect your favorite furnishings and decor as well as plan complete remodels. Planning ahead is a great way to make changes to your home fun and easy!

We’ve tested a few of these online tools for remodeling and picked our top 3 favorites. The following were the easiest to use and offered the most options, in our opinion. If you are planning your own home updates, these tools could be very useful to you.


The first tool is at It’s basically a site that allows you to be your own interior designer. It’s very easy to use and it allows you to make collections just like a professional interior designer. Here’s my apple green and orange bedroom collection board:

Floorplanner is a wanna-be architectures dream. You actually design the room, home or yard down to the very inch.

In less than half an hour I was able to make a layout my entire home. It is a bit advanced and will require a little practice to use but once you understand the controls you’ll have no problem.  Here’s my home in full detail, even the window and door placement is correct:

3d home layout
whole home layout in 2d

The Room Planner by Urban Barn

The Room Planner is similar to the Floorplanner but it focuses more on rooms and not entire homes. All appliances and furniture are pre-drawn and you simply place them wherever you want. I used it to to layout my dream bedroom remodel and also made layouts of the kitchen and living room.

Below is our current master bedroom:

master bedroom layout

planned bedroom remodel

Kitchen layout:

kitchen layout

living room layout

I’m sure there’s plenty more online tools for remodeling  available. They are perfect to help you visualize changes you may want to make to your home. Having a plan, whether for decorating or remodeling, is a great way to help you see if your ideas will work. Happy remodeling!

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  1. Such neat sites. I've only read about the first one but never played around with it. What did we do before the internet? :)


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