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75 Beautiful Mobile Home Bedrooms

There are a few good reasons you should pay special attention to your bedroom. Sleep is pretty important for health and well-being. Plus, we spend more time in the bedroom than we do all other rooms combined so it makes sense to make your bedroom as nice as possible. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find bedroom inspiration and ideas for mobile home bedrooms. Even searching Zillow or Craigslist will net you little since Realtors rarely include a shot of the bedrooms in their listing photos. 

3 Tips for a Great Night’s Sleep

All of these mobile home bedrooms are gorgeous in their own way and we can learn a lot from them. Since sleep is so important we should all create a relaxing bedroom space. These 3 tips should help you do just that: 

1. Bedrooms Should Have Soothing Colors (whatever that means to you)

Most of the bedrooms above are painted in soothing natural or neutral colors. Light cool tones or darker warm tones can be peaceful in different ways. Most designers advise that we stay away from bright reds and yellows in our bedrooms but a soft coral or warm yellow can work well. 

2. Indulge in High-Quality Furniture and a Great Mattress with Good Bedding

If I had to teach my daughter only three things about furniture and mattresses that I had to learn the hard way it would be:

  1. Invest in high-quality furniture and a really good mattress such as a comfortable latex mattress.
  2. Always buy furniture secondhand. Yard sells, consignment stores, Facebook marketplace, Craigslist, and consignment stores are great places to buy furniture because it depreciates like a car.
  3. Matresses should always be purchased new from a place that has a 90-day return policy and 0% interest. I had a great experience with Mattress Firm a couple of years ago (I am not being paid to say that). I splurged on a bed but ended up liking my daughter’s cheaper mattress and they let me exchange it, no questions asked, The difference in price was in my bank in 24 hours. 

3. Lighting

Lighting is more important and encompasses a lot more than most realize. Lighting means TV, windows, cell phones, digital clocks, nightlights, and lamps.  We’ve all heard that we shouldn’t sleep with the phone near us. These all have a light that tells our brains it’s still daylight. 

75 Beautiful Bedrooms

Most of these 75 beautiful mobile home bedrooms are from featured homes or have been shared on social media or Zillow.
I’ve organized the photos by style such as farmhouse, coastal, and shabby chic. Just use the arrows (or your finger on mobile) to move to over to the next group.

Farmhouse and Shabby Chic Style Mobile Home Bedrooms

 If you are low on funds the farmhouse and shabby chic styles are perfect.

Farmhouse and shabby chic embrace imperfection so you can make a beat-up dresser from the Salvation Army look like a Pottery Barn piece in no time. 

Shabby chic or cottage chic is remarkably similar to the farmhouse style. So similar, in fact, it would be hard for a home decor newbie to tell the difference between the two.

The difference between the two styles is in the details. Shabby chic has a feminine opulence about it. Laces and ruffles paired with very soft or faded floral cotton are shabby chic staples. The farmhouse style is a bit more stark and minimal and has a rustic outdoorsy vibe.   

Eclectic Farmhouse Double Wide Mobile Home Master Bedroom After00003
Farmhouse Bedroom Decor
Farmhouse Decor In A Bedroom
Farmhouse Style Nursery Decor
Single Wide With Addition For Sale Guest Bedroom
Update Your Mobile Home Bedroom
Warm Wood Wall In Master Bedroom
1997 Clayton Double Wide Cottage Farmhouse Nursery Decor
22840 Sterling Double Wide For Sale 00009 Copy
Cottage Style Bedroom In 1979 Charming Cottage Style Manufactured Home
Cozy Bedroom In Shabby Chic Farmhouse Double Wide
Cute Childrens Bedroom In Double Wide
Master Bedroom In Mobile Home With Light Blue Walls
Modern Farmhouse Decor Headboard
Shabby Chic Bedroom In Mobile Home
Shabby Shic Decor To Update Your Mobile Home Bedroom
Use Old Window As Headboard Update Your Mobile Home Bedroom
Vintage Inspired Bedroom In Double Wide
Romantic Shabby Chic Mobile Home0076
Romantic Shabby Chic Mobile Home0071
Romantic Shabby Chic Mobile Home0077
Romantic Shabby Chic Mobile Home0083
Romantic Shabby Chic Mobile Home0092
Romantic Shabby Chic Mobile Home0099
Romantic Shabby Chic Mobile Home0103
Romantic Shabby Chic Mobile Home0111
Romantic Shabby Chic Mobile Home0113
Romantic Shabby Chic Mobile Home0135

Coastal Mobile Home Bedrooms

The coastal and beach style is the perfect decor for bedrooms. What conveys sleep and relaxation better than the ocean’s rhythm?  

Beach Cottage Bedroom Remodeled
Beach Cottage Master Bedroom With Wicker Furniture
Bedroom Of Beautiful Malibu Mobile Home
Fuqua DW In FL 00009
Million Dollar Mobile Home Bedroom
Screen Shot 2019 07 26 At 8.48.12 PM
Updated And Remodeled Double Wide Manufactured Home For Sale Bedroom
Use Oars As A Headboard To Update Your Mobile Home Bedroom

Mid-Century Modern Mobile Home Bedrooms

Mid-century seems like the perfect style for a vintage mobile home. My heart swells when I see a vintage mobile home with furnishings and decor from the same era as the home. It just feels right, ya know? 

Luckily, the mid-century modern/vintage retro look has been a big hit since Madmen hit the small screen.

1991 Fleetwood Double Wide Bedroom
37 Sequoia Cir, Santa Rosa, CA00008
1991 Fleetwood Double Wide Master Bedroom
Bedroom 3 In Updated Mid Century Mobile Home In Palm Springs Copy
Bedroom Remodeled Double Wide At 6 Paradise Cove Rd, Malibu, CA For 1.4 Million Copy
Bedroom Remodeled 1971 Double Wide Mobile Home At 182 Paradise Cove Malibu CA Copy
Bedroom 1 In Modern 2015 Manufactured Home In Paradise Cove Malibu Copy
Beautiful Bedrooms
2019 Mid Mod Pakm Springs New SW00004
2019 Mid Mod Pakm Springs New SW00003
Malibu Mobile Home Master Bedroom Remodel Design
Master Bedroom Double Wide Mobile Homne At 128 Paradise Cove Rd, Malibu Copy
Mobile Home Bedrooms Simple Midcentury Modern Style
Modernly Decorated Mobile Home Bedroom
Screen Shot 2019 05 19 At 9.04.14 PM
Single Wide For Sale In Vintage Mobile Home Park CA 250 Lei Drive Kaplan12 Copy
Unique Mobile Home Decorating Ideas
Unique Mobile Home Decor Calm Bedroom

More Beautiful Mobile Home Bedrooms

This last group is photos of all the decorating styles that didn’t fit into the top three.

37 Sequoia Cir, Santa Rosa, CA00010
2017 4603 Balfour Rd 23 Brentwood Ca00001 Copy
2017 4603 Balfour Rd 23 Brentwood Ca00002 Copy
94120 Strahan St SPC 45, Gold Beach, OR 9744400003
Beautiful Bedroom In 1974 Double Wide Mobile Home
Beautiful CA Double Wide Manufactured Home Master Bedroomi
Bedroom In Double Wide Mobile Homne At 128 Paradise Cove Rd, Malibu Copy
Bedroom 2 In Malibu Mobile Home 930x620
Bedrooms In Mobile Home Blissful And Cozy Yellow Sw In Venice FL00001
Bedrooms In Mobile Home Blissful And Cozy Yellow Sw In Venice FL00002
Bedrooms In Mobile Home Blissful And Cozy Yellow Sw In Venice FL00003
Bedrooms In Mobile Home Blissful And Cozy Yellow Sw In Venice FL00004
Black Damask Wallpaper Creates Gorgeous Mobile Home Bedroom
Contemporary Single Wide Mobile Home Remodel Mari From Contact Page1
D1d3159d9a1332ed5aceff27f57a57dfl M11od W1024 H768 Copy
Double Wide 547 Oasis 00010 Copy
Guest Bedroom Remodeled 1973 Double Wide Mobile Home In 173 Paradise Cove CA 1.1 Million Copy
Guest Bedroom Remodeled Double Wide At 6 Paradise Cove Rd, Malibu, CA For 1.4 Million Copy
Malibu Million Dollar Mobile Home10
Mid Century Modern Bedroom In A Mobile Home
Modern Master Bedroom Ideas
Office Guest Bedroom Remodeled Double Wide At 6 Paradise Cove Rd, Malibu, CA For 1.4 Million Copy
Pallet Bedroom Project
Remodeled Single Wide Mobile Home Master Bedroom With Deck00001
Shane R Chastain Instagram2 Copy

Do you have a great mobile home bedroom? We’d love to see it! Please leave tips and lessons you’ve learned in the comments below. 

Thank you for reading Mobile Home Living! 

Crystal Adkins

Crystal Adkins

Crystal Adkins created Mobile Home Living in 2011 after buying a 1978 single wide and searching online for mobile home remodeling ideas but finding very little. Today, it's the most popular resource in America for mobile home information and inspiration and has been visited over 40 million times.View Author posts

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