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  1. I want to wire my trailer with cameras. How do you suggest I run the wires? The “attic” is inaccessible and I really don’t want the wires visibility running all over the place. Thanks!

    1. Hi Ben,

      In this case you probably will have to use the trim on the floor. That’s what I had to do in our 1978 single wide for the internet cable. They make a few shapes of trim that will work depending on the wiring thickness. Let me know what you end up doing.

  2. We have double mobile house in Tennesee. We currently live in Dallas, Texas. Recently someone came and stole few items such as air conditioner compressor and few others. We don’t feel comfortable being away from our house. I bwas wondering what kind of house security is for mobile homes?

    1. Hi Susan,

      Sorry to hear about that. Any system available for site-built homes can be used in a mobile home. I use a system of cameras along with sensors that make a loud noise if windows or doors are opened. They are very affordable (around $3 a piece) but they are not networked to any security system. Cable companies like Time Warner and Suddenlink are offering security for around $30 a month – it may be worth checking into. Home insurance usually offers a discount when you have one of those systems.

      Hope you can eventually feel safe leaving your home. It took me a while to get comfortable after we were robbed.