Mobile Home Security

Living in a manufactured home has many great benefits. Yet, like any home, we need to take the steps to secure our home and its belongings. When most people think of security systems they think of a fairly expensive system with monitoring but you don’t have to go through a lot of money to secure your home. Mobile home security can be affordable and easy.

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The typical house burglar is a male teen in your neighborhood—not a professional. 60 seconds is the most burglars are willing to spend breaking into your home and an average of 8 to 12 minutes is all burglars spend in your home. Hindering them any way you can is your best bet. There’s plenty of affordable steps you can take to protect your home. Here’s just a few:


As the name implies, deadbolts reinforce your doors. The harder you make it for a burglar to get the better off you’ll be.

Door and Window Jammers

Door and window jammers are much like deadbolts, they prohibit the window or door from opening.

Fake Home Security System

You can purchase the fake cameras for less than $10.00 and you can buy the signs for half that. If you make it look like your home is monitored, the burglars will pass right by and go to a target that doesn’t look protected. Homes without security systems are about 3 times more likely to be broken into so make it look like you have one.

Get an Affordable Safe

Making use of a home safe for a mobile or manufactured home is a smart investment. For a small cost, you have complete protection from burglary, fire, and flooding. They don’t have to be huge but the larger they are the more you can put in there!

Make It Look Like You’re Home

It’s a simple technique that works. Use timers on your lights, have a neighbor park their car in your driveway and if you are going out of town, have a friend pick up your mail and newspapers.

Neighborhood Watches Work

If you live in a mobile home community this should be your first move. Get as many neighbors as you can to join a neighborhood watch. The more eyes, the better for the whole community.

These suggestions will get you started. Of course, you can pay for a high-security system but if you use several different lower cost security techniques, your wallet won’t suffer as much.

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