8 Energy Efficiency Ideas for Your Manufactured Home

Updating your home with the following energy efficiency ideas is a great idea for any home. You can save a lot of money by installing a few simple energy savers and employing some simple solutions to your everyday life. Enjoy your home even more and enjoy a lifestyle with less worry about money while feeling good about treating your environment well. It only takes a little bit of work to turn your home from energy sucker to energy efficient!

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8 Energy Efficiency Ideas for Your Manufactured Home

Open the Windows

The simplest solution of all is to open up some windows. Use natural light in your home instead of turning on electric lights while you enjoy fresh air and sun. When the weather suits, you can use a window fan to cool your home instead of an air conditioner and save energy as well as feel better without artificial air being forced through your ventilation system.

Woman looking out big bright window with curtains and blinds

Update Insulation

Make sure that insulation, weather stripping, and siding are in good working order and are not in need of replacing. These measures stop the hot and cold air that runs through your systems from escaping, which wastes energy. It also stops the elements from getting inside and causing your heating and cooling system to work harder.

Install Solar Panels

You could install solar panels on your roof or get a technician to install them for you. The cost won’t be as minimal as you’d probably hope but the money that you will save on electricity will balance that out. New batteries are making solar a more viable option for homeowners. Freedom Solar Power in Denver states that installing solar on your home actually makes the electrical grid more resilient. I guess by selling the unused power that you don’t use?

Do your research before choosing a local solar company and look for people who have done this kind of manufactured home improvement project before.

Install a Wind Turbine

This is a manufactured home improvement that will also pay for itself. Some people don’t like the look of these devices but, with the right placement on your roof, it’s not that much of an eyesore. The wind turbine generates energy using the breeze that comes along naturally, taking the toll off of your electrical system.

Residential wind turbine

Change Your Light Bulbs

Use high-efficiency light bulbs so that, when you do turn on the lights, they use little to no energy. Often, these light bulbs are not more expensive than regular light bulbs so you’re not spending more but you’re still saving.

Unplug the Chargers

When you’re not using a charger and you keep it plugged in, it’s still pulling electricity out of the socket. Unplug it and you’ll be using less energy. This is the same for laptops, televisions, and other electrical devices.

Check Your Appliances

Replace your old appliances with high-efficiency ones and they will not only use less power but they’ll work better than the old models. Often, the high-efficiency appliances actually cost less or you get a discount for purchasing them.

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Enjoy Your Home!

After these few manufactured home improvements, you can expect to cut your energy bill down so that it’s a fraction of what you were paying before. Your home will be more efficient and you will be able to enjoy all of the new improvements much more with all of the money that you’re saving! Have any energy efficiency ideas you want to share? Comment below!

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