35 Tips to Lower Your Mobile Home's Energy Bill

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  1. I put carpet padding on exterior walls , then “wallpaper” with fabric. Result: perfect temp and good acoustics !

  2. Sealing rim joists makes a big difference as well. Use R10 foam board and expanding sealant to seal each rim joist. Air sealing makes a huge difference.

  3. Though mobile homes are considered the most affordable homes but such tips to conserve tips are always welcome. Thanks for these amazing tips.

  4. I do not like forced air heating /cooling systems .. I favor wall gas heaters/stoves and room window air conditioners instead.. The reason: I dont like floor registers often put in center of walkpaths all over the floorplans also I dont like ducts… that is difficult to service or keep clean .. Bacteria growth , etc.. health issues.. I prefer simpler systems and easy to maintain.. cheaper and more direct warmth or cooling than central forced air.. people tend to use firewood as direct heat needlessly simply because forced air is not as warm as wall gas heaters.. unless one turns up the thermostat and runs up the utility bills.. Please think again!!! We have firewood smoke pollution which is bad ! We have more of firewood smoke because of forced air systems that are not as warm !! In the past, people just turns up thermostat to feel warmer.. now it is not cheap to keep doing this.. so I urge you to adapt to today’s reality… Please start using wall gas heaters and room air conditioners !!!! Please listen! Explain to your customers why you offer wall gas heaters and room air conditioners.. and they will understand !! I think yo should!

  5. I am looking into window awnings. I will have to make it another year before I can get a heat pump so my window unit will have to do the job. I want to keep weather out and off of it. I am willing to DIY. Any ideas or links that you may have would be greatly appreciated.