A Magnificent Mobile Home Makeover

This mobile home makeover will make your heart sing!
I love featuring great mobile home remodels. Especially the ones that should be on fancy home magazine covers. This one will definitely be on a cover when my dream of publishing the Mobile Home Living Magazine comes true (working on it)!

Geneva is the publisher of a very entertaining and lovely blog called “My Heart’s Song” and she has a wonderful story to tell about how she became a proud owner of a beautiful mobile home. Actually, she has several great stories to tell so be prepared to sit a spell! Long story short, they were retiring and living in a gorgeous but huge brick home. Eventually, she and her husband Buzz decided they needed to downsize, live more simply and debt-free.

They sold their brick mini-mansion and purchased a used 16×80′ 2001 single wide with 2 bedrooms and 2 baths they call “Whisper Cottage.” Once you read the whole story you will understand the name completely. I have so much respect for them, not a lot of people would be willing to make such a drastic change of lifestyle. They immediately commenced to remodeling it into a true dream (mobile) home. Allow me to tell the story with photos:

From this:
To this:

They had one month to remodel the mobile home enough to be liveable in before their lease went out on the transitional apartment they had gotten while looking for the perfect place. The post “Our First 30 Days has a complete photo timeline of the initial remodel.

Once they moved in the remarkable transformations only got better!
From this:
To this:

Here’s the rest of her home. I can only come up with so many adjectives, so I’ll keep to just showing the photos. You can thank me in the comments..

Yep, I’m jealous. I’m also thankful that there are such talented people out there that prove living in a mobile home can be just as fabulous as living in a stick built home.
Tomorrow we will feature an interview with Geneva. I think by asking a few well thought out questions (that I completely stole from a very popular site about apartment remodeling), we can learn the good, the bad and the ugly about decorating, remodeling, and updating mobile homes. Which, surprisingly enough, is exactly what this blog is about!
Thank you so much for reading Mobile Home Living. Make sure to come back tomorrow for the interview. Your not going to want to miss Geneva’s insight, tips and honest answers.
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