A New Hope for Mobile Homes: Flipping Mobile Homes in Portland

Daniel and Justine Derrick are giving Portland area mobile homes new hope and creating some gorgeous farmhouse mobile homes in the process.

The Derricks are a picture perfect family with an all-American can-do attitude. Their company, Living Hope Properties, has flipped four homes so far and they’re working on their fifth. No doubt it will be as gorgeous as the others.

Mobile Home Flippers Creates Fabulous Farmhouse Mobile Homes

The talented couple has shared several gorgeous photos of their mobile home remodels and flips on their Instagram and we’re sharing a few. The following photos are mostly before and after photos, one being a 1988 Ranchero double wide.

Homes for sale need to appeal to a broad market and right now, the market loves farmhouse. Luckily for us owners and mobile home flippers, the farmhouse style is nearly perfect for mobile homes.

Many elements of farmhouse style work for the major faults of a factory-built home.

  • Shiplap, those simple horizontal boards nailed to the wall, are a perfect way to get rid of the battens we all loathe on mobile home walls.
  • White walls let light bounce around helping smaller rooms appear larger.
  • Contrasting light fixtures take the eye up making ceilings seem higher.

Dining Room Remodel: Before and After Photos

The dining room of this remodel is stunning. Warm flooring, bright white walls and built-ins, and dark hardware and fixtures are perfect for the farmhouse style.

You can find a similar light fixture as the one in the image on Amazon for around $100 (affiliate):

Creating a Brighter Kitchen

The kitchen in this double wide had seen better days but Justine and Daniel saw its ultimate potential. They knew what to keep and what to remove to give buyers exactly what they are looking for.

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In this farmhouse mobile home remodel, they replaced most of the tall cabinetry on the left with a smaller island. This helped create a more open floor plan between the living room and the kitchen.

The mobile home flippers celebrating their kitchen remodel:

Justine describes their update to the kitchen, “We removed half the kitchen and replaced it with an island with granite countertops.”

Successful Mobile Home Flippers Know How to Save Money

Many wannabe mobile home flippers have failed because they either overpay or overspend. There is one basic principle when it comes to flipping homes: don’t overpay or overspend.

Flipping a home certainly seems like easy money on TV shows and radio ads but that’s not the case at all. Buying low and selling high is the foundation of any business but mobile home flippers require a bit more finesse than just being a smart middleman. You need to know which homes have the most potential, how to buy it at the right price, and how to repair and update it without overspending.

For example, you can buy this light fixture that’s perfect for the farmhouse style for only $15.99 on Amazon (affiliate link):

Dreamy Kitchen

The kitchen is spectacular in this farmhouse mobile home. There’s plenty of cabinet space and the layout is great, it just needed some TLC and our favorite mobile home flippers gave it plenty:

Justine buys a lot of the supplies and decor for their mobile home remodels from Amazon and national home decor store sales. The couple also rolls up their sleeves and does as many DIY projects as possible to increase profit when the home is sold.

The countertops look like real marble but it’s simple laminate!

In most markets, installing real marble in a mobile home isn’t a great idea. Manufactured homes are affordable and should be kept that way, especially when they are flipped. It’s easy for mobile home flippers to overprice themselves out of the market if they add too many high-end materials in an affordable home. It’s a fine line and the Derricks have mastered it.

Removing a Wall Creats a Whole New Space

Remove a wall in a mobile home can help create the space you want. It’s hard to believe the next two photos are the same space but it is. They removed the oddly angled wall that cut off the kitchen from the living room and patched in the archway to the next room.

“It’s hard to believe this is the same room! I love that there is enough space in this entryway now to hang a beautiful painting over a console table! You need somewhere to throw your keys and purse after a long day at work, right?”

Justine on Instagram

The Farmhouse Formula

Justine Derrick definitely has an eye for design. You see a lady in her element when she starts talking about it in her videos. Her excitement for and knowledge of material and interior decor is a joy to watch.

Justine used a common farmhouse formula during this 1988 Ranchero mobile home remodel. The main elements of farmhouse style are white ship-lapped walls, warm wood flooring, and black features. This home has it all. See all our farmhouse style mobile homes here.

Warm Wood Flooring

First, she chose a laminated hardwood floor called Charming Oak for the floor covering throughout the home.

Using one floor covering for the entire home saves time and money. You could also create your own affordable plywood farmhouse flooring like another creative mobile homeowner did here.

White Shiplap Walls

The oak flooring pairs well with the most popular farmhouse feature: white shiplap walls. You can’t have a farmhouse mobile home without at least one white shiplap wall!

Nailing thin plywood planks over the wall on a mobile home is not true shiplap. However, it’s a great alternative to getting rid of the infamous battens on vinyl mobile home walls.

Dark Natural Elements

Justine broke up all the white with stark black light fixtures and outlets. Placing dark natural elements adds a cohesive tension to the space. It also works perfectly to complement the accent walls she installed.

Justine said they salvage existing fixtures and hardware whenever possible and paint them to create those dark elements.

“We also salvaged some existing fixtures by carefully spray painting them from gold to black.”

-Justine Derrick

Accent Walls

Justine is a pro with accent walls, one of the most popular interior design techniques used today.

Adding an abstracting wall in a room gives the eye something to focus on. When used correctly, an accent wall can make a room feel larger and impacts the room’s style immensely. A room can go from modern traditional to farmhouse fabulous with a simple change to the accent wall. Learn more about accent walls in mobile homes here.

Mobile Home Bathroom Remodel: Before and After

This mobile home bathroom is a perfect example of the power of shiplap to create texture and a focal point for a small space. New countertops and faucets help, too.

Yes, this is the same bathroom! The bright white shiplap walls coupled with dark metal accents and light fixtures is picture-perfect farmhouse.

Master Bathroom Remodel

This next mobile home bathroom remodel included a countertop update and new tub replacement.

It’s amazing what a little paint and a new light fixture can do!

Claw-Foot Tub Replacement

Justine told us that you can replace a bathtub a lot cheaper than you might think, especially if you have a little DIY know-how. Home Depot has great options for low-cost replacements and all it takes is a little retrofitting in most cases.

In this master bath remodel, they completely ripped out the garden tub and replaced it with a traditional claw-foot.

In this case, they replaced a jacuzzi tub with a claw-foot soaker tub.

More Beautiful Bathroom Makeovers from Our Fav Mobile Home Flippers

Our favorite mobile home flippers have bought and sold four homes so far so that’s around 8 bathrooms they’ve updated and every one we’ve seen has been gorgeous! Here are a few more:

Justine told us that they spent a total of approximately 40k for the complete remodel and update on the 1988 Ranchero double wide they recently completed. To put that in perspective, $34k is the average cost for a kitchen remodel according to HomeAdvisor. The Derricks are remodeling an entire house into a gorgeous home for that amount.


New Hope Properties is a perfect name for the Derrick’s company because they are giving new hope to old properties and future homeowners. It’s a commendable job that requires a vast array of skill and knowledge.

We’re excited to see such a cute family thriving at something they enjoy. The couple has big plans for their company and at their current rate, they will no doubt accomplish every goal. We look forward to watching them succeed and seeing all their beautiful mobile homes in the meantime.

Justine started a channel on Youtube where she shares her life as a mother of two small children, and her organizing and cleaning tips, along with her religion studies path. It’s a popular series, she just celebrated 40,000 subscribers!

Big thanks to Justine and Daniel for letting us share their story and their gorgeous home! Be sure to follow them on Instagram here and on Youtube here.

And as always, thank you for reading Mobile Home Living®!

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