Kristy’s amazing mobile home was one of the first featured homes we shared on Mobile Home Living.

Four years ago, when my writing skills were even worse than they are today, I was fortunate enough to get to meet Kristy and feature her amazing mobile home.

Kristy, and her husband George, live in Langly BC, a quaint Canadian town. Their single wide was built by Gendall Industries out of Edmonton Alberta Canada. The exact year of the home is unknown but it’s thought to be an early 70’s model.

Furniture Restoration Pro 

Kristy is a furniture restoration pro and talented interior decorator. She gives old, damaged, and unloved items a new life on a near-daily basis. She has an eye for beauty and uses her talents to make her home gorgeous.

Being a professional furniture refinisher allows Kristy a unique opportunity; She has a nearly endless supply of unique furniture! She shares a ton of great tutorials and tips on her blog, 4 the Love of Wood. Her furniture portfolio is here.

kristys furniture restoration projects

Amazing Mobile Home 4 Years Later

Remodeling and decorating a home never really ends and that’s part of the fun. Popular materials, trendy colors, and most importantly, our needs change.

Styles and trends evolve and oftentimes circle back around and evolve again.

You can see what this amazing mobile home looked like four years ago here and here. It was gorgeous but new furniture projects and decor has given the home a new look!

Vintage Charm and French Country Style

Kristy’s style is unique. She combines several textures together with light muted colors over a base of white.

“My home is about bringing together unique worn white finishes with vintage charm that remind me of simpler times.”

She definitely pulls inspiration from the popular French country, vintage charm, and shabby chic trends. Whatever you call Kristy’s style, her home proves you can create a gorgeous space from a mobile home of any age or size.

This amazing mobile home is only 11 foot wide and 60 foot long for a total of 660 square foot of living space. While it is small it is well designed and gorgeous!


Kristy’s kitchen is amazing!

A cozy vintage charm with modern conveniences is truly the best of both worlds. Every space is perfectly decorated.



Fridge Makeover – Painting a Refrigerator with Chalk Paint

One of Kristy’s most unique DIY projects is her refrigerator makeover. She took a regular white fridge and gave it a gorgeous makeover using chalk paint and wooden appliques. Below is a before and after picture and here is where you can see the process so you can do it yourself!






The image below will give you an idea of what the mobile home looked like before Kristy’s remarkable makeover. The upper kitchen cabinets before and after paint and new hardware:

amazing mobile home upper kitchen cabinets before and after paint

Living Room / TV Room





DIY Wall Art Project

Kristy’s farmhouse country DIY wall art project is great. She shows you each step to create gorgeous wall art.  Get the step-by-step process here.


Hollow Door DIY Wall Art

Another great DIY project that Kristy has shared on her blog is this map project. The frame is half of an old hollow interior door, a regular commodity in mobile homes. You can see each step here.


Bedrooms and More 

Kristy’s single wide has two bedrooms that she calls ‘The White Bedroom’ and the ‘French Country Bedroom.’ With her rotating inventory of great furniture pieces and decor she can change the look of a room quickly. Here are just a few of the gorgeous spaces she has created in her home over the last few years:

amazing mobile home french country bedroom


amazing mobile home white bedroom 14







amazing mobile home interior mobile home decor entry way

amazing mobile home interior mobile home decor french provence dresser





The bathroom has a great new look thanks to an almost complete gut and replace. The couple updated the room in phases. Below you can see the bathroom before the makeover, during the makeover, and after:

amazing mobile home bathroom before and after makeover




Kristy’s Advice for Mobile Homeowners

Kristy shared some great tips and advice with us four years ago and she continues to share great tutorials and tips on her blog.

Live in the Home Before you Buy Furniture 

Kristy suggests that if you are downsizing to allow yourself some time before you buy new furniture and decor for the home.

My best advice for small spaces is to live in your space modestly for a time to determine best functionality, sizes, and layout before dropping cash on the perfect furniture.

New Flooring Makes a Huge Difference

Kristy also stressed the importance of flooring, “Laying new flooring is huge, it transforms a room greatly.” I had the same experience with our single wide. New flooring gave the home a whole new look and feel. Besides painting there is nothing that will impact a home as much as flooring.

Kristy’s amazing mobile home is a perfect example of the beauty and potential that ALL homes have. It isn’t the size or shape of the home, it’s the love that you have inside!

As always thank you so much for reading Mobile Home Living!

Check out Kristy’s awesome blog at 4 the Love of Wood. She has tons of great home tours, tips, and projects!

Kristy’s Etsy store, Firstfinds, has a huge selection of shabby chic pulls, knobs, handles, and electrical plates here.