Amazing Mobile Home

I have no words for this one! (I just meant that figuratively, of course, I have plenty to say!) This is the reason I started Mobile Home Living, to find and share beautiful mobile homes like this amazing mobile home.This single wide mobile home is worthy of any magazine cover.


The talented owner of this beautiful home is Kristy and live in Vancouver. Creativity is in her blood, she owns a successful furniture refurbishing business where she turns older furniture into pieces of art. Her photography is pretty awesome, too. Her blog “4 the love of WOOD” is a wonderful combination of all three.

A Look Inside This Amazing Mobile Home

amazing mobile home-bedroom
Bedroom made for dreaming.


amazing mobile home-remodeled bedroom
This is what the bedroom look liked in 2008 and 2010. What a talent she has!


amazing mobile home-before and after
Before and after painting the bedroom.


amazing mobile home-closet
Even her closet is gorgeous!


amazing mobile home-before and after foyer
Before and after of the foyer.


amazing mobile home-sitting area
  A sitting area in a high-priced hotel? NO, it’s a mobile home!


amazing mobile home-kitchen
Paula Dean would LOVE cooking in this kitchen.


amazing mobile home-corner cabinet
The corner of the kitchen.


amazing mobile home-detail
It’s just the smallest changes and minor details that can make the biggest difference.


amazing mobile home-dressing room
The dressing room fit for a queen!
Everything you see above is in this mobile home below:
amazing mobile home-exterior

It’s a great example of not judging a book by its cover.

Anything is possible and a little imagination, creativity, and hard work can turn a simple mobile home into a castle.

The back patio is certainly Martha Stewart approved as well:

amazing mobile home-patio

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Please check out Kristy’s blog and if you are near Vancouver you’re definitely going to want to buy some of her magnificent pieces of art! They are so beautiful and very reasonably priced, I wish I lived closer!

21 thoughts on “Amazing Mobile Home”

    • Hi Amy,

      I don’t really recommend you hang anything without a stud to be honest. You’ll have studs at minimum every 24″ (most are 16″) so if at all possible you’ll want to use them.

      There are a few hooks and other devices available at Lowes for hanging without studs but they tend to destroy the VOG panels and they don’t hold a whole lot.

      Thanks for reading MHL and congratulations!

  1. Thank you for the tips. I too am a manufactured home owner who loves to DIY. Since losing my last home to a fire I am even more into re-decorating and making our new home more personal.
    Do you have a magazine that we can subscribe to or know of a manufactured home dos & don’ts magazine?
    I love the ideas on Pinterest, however I didn’t like the title “Trailer Trash.” There is nothing trashy about a beautiful mobile or manufactured home that has been re-modeled and personalized.

  2. This is my most favorite ideas yet. ! We bought an old single wide as we are older and don't need all the space any more. You have some great ideas here and I am not afraid to make some changes now I see what you have done here. Thank you so much for sharing. A B
    thank you again. Sue

  3. Hey Crystal, something must be up with your email as I did respond to your message last night.
    I'm very happy with your feature of our home.
    You can ask away anything you like and I'll do my best to answer, but we really should try to figure out the email situation.

    Kristy @ 4 the love of WOOD

    PS I wrote a post today regarding your feature.

  4. Oh, Thank you! I had tried to get back in touch with her but couldn'tand I just couldn't NOT post her awesome hope she doesn'tmind and approves of it. I certainly don't want to upset a talentedlady like her, she is an inspiration. A funny fact about me: when Iwas pre-teen I would play in my dad's building pretending I was afurniture refurnish-er. I had a dresser, sandpaper and paint and allkinds of fun.LOL! Her work has inspired me to redo some of these oldflea market finds I have (and fix my ole home up)…Thanks so much forvisiting and commenting. Love having you here!

  5. Thank you very much for this kind comment. You have made my day and it’s great knowing that I am helping some people. I have a husband wanting me to talk the wife into a mobile home and a wife wanting to talk the husband into it..I do hope that this blog changes A LOT of people’s minds about the tin cans. There is just so much you can do,the cost is low and the environmental impact of buying a used one is so much less than building a home. You know, there is a lot of mobile home investment groups on Linked In. It is a very lucrative market but there is horror stories from every one of them. Just make sure you chose the right tenants if you rent. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I really appreciate you!

  6. You are very welcome!! I love what you did to make your house a home too–very adorable :0) It's amazing what paint and creativity can do to make a place look amazing– Looking forward to future posts!

  7. I love her style too & I love the french provincial style so her blog is very inspiring.

    I actually own a MH in the same town (now a rental) and remodeled & decorated it to where people would come in and go "Oh! It looks really nice in here!"–I guess they were shocked that a MH could actually be nice ;0) I lived there with my son for 13 years until I met my husband and it was a peaceful place in the country and most importantly mine! I made it a really gorgeous & cozy home (and I saved big $$) and I was able to afford going to nursing school with the money saved by not renting a stick built home.
    We actually bought a MH in upstate NY 2 years ago, took out all the nasty cat peed carpets, bought salvaged oak cabinets, painted & redecorated & staged the home and sold it for double the price. I think people bypass these homes not realizing they can be nice little investments.
    My husband and I have decided to stop throwing our money away on renting a stickbuilt home and are going to buy another DW MH so we can save money while we grow our business. I have decided that instead of being discouraged that it isn't a stick built home, I am going to decorate it up so that people will be amazed, and eventually sell it for double (it needs work) or move it onto some land once we find the perfect place for our family.
    You make a home what it is–whether it is in a park or on it's own land–you make a home a home. I don't want a $350-650k mortgage right now, if at all, when I know I can put a DW on some nice land for a fraction of the price & add on later. I choose to be as close to debt free as possible and these homes make that possible :0)
    Thanks for this site, it really encourages me and probably lots of other people, who choose to live with less debt and choose a MH to accomplish this goal.

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