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Are Mobile Homes Popular in Canada?

Over half the mobile homes in Canada are located in rural areas, but they are also found in towns and small cities. There are many people in Canada who live in mobile homes all year round. They are sufficiently insulated to be comfortable in the winter months. The mobile home market is thriving as many buyers want affordable, quality homeownership. The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) label specifies the standards according to which modular and mobile homes must be built. 

The difference between manufactured, mobile and modular homes

When considering a home that isn’t built on site, the terms mobile, modular or manufactured homes are sometimes used interchangeably, but they refer to different types of homes.

From 1976 mobile homes were referred to as manufactured homes as they were built according to a higher set of building standards. Many people still tend to call them mobile homes. The term “mobile home” can be rather a misnomer today as many of them become permanent once they are on a foundation and mostly have built-on additions. 

Canadian-built modular homes are built in multiple pieces and joined on-site on top of a solid foundation. 

Affordable, quality housing

Mobile homes give people the chance to own an affordable, comfortable home with many amenities. They are manufactured in the controlled environment of an indoor factory. The design and engineering have to be of high quality because mobile homes must be able to withstand winds as they are moved to the site on the back of a semi-trailer truck. 

Mobile homes come in various sizes, varying from those of about 400 sq. ft. and all the way up to large double-wide models that are close to 1700 sq. ft. They usually feature full insulation and energy-saving features and have spacious floor plans and endless customization options. 

Who lives in mobile homes?

Mobile homes are a great option for young couples, middle-income families, and retirees. They can afford them because they’re paying for the home but not for land. A lot of retirees move from empty nest homes and into a mobile home communities. The reasonable price means they can live on their pensions and still have money for other priorities.

Living in a mobile home is also a good option for students who arrive in Canada to further their education. Sharing a mobile home with a friend provides them with affordable accommodation. If students need help with writing a paper for college, they can check out the EduBirdie website. Professional writers from Ca.EduBirdie can provide them with a plagiarism-free essay written as per the academic standards required for any college or university coursework. They can learn from these quality examples of academic writing. 

Mobile homes can be a good investment

In 2018, there were approximately 190,000 mobile homes in Canada, and this number is set to reach about 200,000 by 2023. Many Canadians buy used manufactured homes that are already on a lot with a foundation. There are many mobile homes like this for sale. Ontario, Canada, currently has mobile homes for sale from prices like C$99,000 (518 sq. ft.) and up to C$725,000 (1,515 sq. ft.).

Potential mobile homeowners can also choose to buy or lease a lot in a mobile home community, have a foundation built on it, and buy a brand new manufactured home from a factory. The manufacturers have nothing to do with the land, so it is the buyer’s responsibility to find the land. 

The sale, transfer or purchase of a manufactured home is only effective if the transaction is registered. This protects a person’s investment in a manufactured home.

Mobile home communities

The ‘trailer trash’ stereotype still has some effect on the perception of mobile home communities, but this is fast disappearing. Mobile home communities are often situated in beautiful locations close to major cities. They usually have amenities like playgrounds, swimming pools, community centers, and walking trails. Homeowners can also attend many different events arranged by management. As a part of their lease, homeowners have to maintain their homes to community standards. 


In Canada, the demand for affordable, high-quality housing is increasing all the time. Mobile homes provide a solution, and they are nothing like the mobile homes that existed in the past. They are built keeping in mind certain standards. They often have great features, customization, and efficient layouts. Mobile home communities are becoming more and more popular as they offer an increasing number of amenities and events for mobile homeowners. 

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