1963 Budger Mobile Home Has Plenty of Curb Appeal

We always love to see older mobile homes being given new life, and this 1963 Budger mobile home remodel is a perfect example. This remodel is full of inspiring projects while still keeping some of the original charms of the home. Located in an all-ages mobile home park in California, this rehab became the project for Kat, who was newly single and looking to downsize.

1963 Budger Mobile Home Before Rehab

We didn’t find many pics of the before of this vintage beauty, but as you can see the kitchen had previously received some love, and probably some of the other parts of the home as well. But, as for the bathrooms they appeared to be in dreadful shape. Kat also shared that the home included lots of the original features, including the cool built-ins with bottle glass doors.

all images courtesy of the original article in Apartment Therapy.

Looks like the kitchen had already received one makeover.
Doesn’t look very appealing for entertaining does it?
Plain would be a good description of the exterior.

A Total Inside and Out Transformation

There are so many things to love about the inside transformation of this 1963 Budger mobile home. The owner used lots of natural products and neutral tones with added pops of colors to brighten up each space. She also added pendant lighting in the kitchen and dining area to add some style to the rooms.

Look how cozy the living room is.
Roll blinds are a great way to add style.

There was already a sturdy storage shed on the property when Kat purchased it, so rather than trying to find space inside the home, she went to work on updating the shed into a home office. The process included insulating and finishing the walls and roof, adding a window and electricity.

The storage shed was transformed into a home office.

When taking on a remodeling project, it’s important not to neglect your exterior. A fresh coat of paint and some landscaping work and this home becomes full of curb appeal and ready for entertaining.

Now the backyard is entertaining ready!

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1963 budger mobile home exterior after
Fresh paint and landscaping transformed the exterior.

If you are thinking of investing in an older mobile home and rehabbing it, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind. First, make sure that the home has good bones, you can change anything you want as long as the bones are good. Second, try and embrace the style of the home, there are so many great features to be found in vintage mobile homes. And lastly, don’t let the projects overwhelm you. As long as the home is liveable, you can work at your own pace and stay within a budget!

Have you recently remodeled or have you seen a remodel you think we would like to share on the site? If so comment below! We are always looking for projects to share.

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