buying a mobile home in Ohio-single wide with nice roof

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  1. I love all the resources you have listed, however I live in Salem, Oregon and would love to see more about resources here. My sister and I are both retired and bought older (1967 & 1969) moblie homes in a wonderful park here in Salem. The park we live in is “Paradise Island” and has been owed and operated by the Poole family since 1965. I’m just starting a major renovation this week and have been inspired by some of the homes you’ve posted on your site…Thank You!!!
    This is a lovely park and there are many older homes now being transformed by new owners…

    1. Hi Patrice,

      We have an article about Oregon here! We’re always looking for home remodels to share so please consider it. All we need are a few before and after images and a few notes about your projects.
      Thank you!