California Cool Decor Ideas to Turn your Manufactured Home Into an Oasis

If you are trying to come up with a decor style that fits your home, you may want to consider California Cool decor, especially if you are trying to create a relaxed but stylish combination. Today we are sharing some easy ways to achieve Cali coolness in your own home.

Defined by Homes and Gardens as a decorating style that majors on neutral, soft colors on furniture and walls, inviting and comfortable furnishings, and a relaxed boho feel enhanced by natural materials and fabrics, such as leather, wood, wool, cotton, and stone. It’s a great combination of Boho and Scandinavian decor, emphasizing less is more.


California vibe palette

The California cool decor color palette combines warm and cool tones to create a welcoming space. White with a muted, neutral color palette should be your base color. Think neutrals like creamy beige and low-key primary colors like subtle blues, with the occasional orange or brown tone peppered in by way of warm wood or leather accents.

A neutral palette along with white is the perfect backdrop.

a touch of bohemian

Boho is a perfect compliment to California decor, helping to give it a relaxed feel. Throw blankets, accent rugs, and cool lighting with a natural accent help to put it all together.

A mood board on Pinterest is a great way to add ideas to create the perfect California cool decor space. Go crazy and add whatever you see that catches your eye, then sort out your favorites to find the right look.

Mood boards help you put your ideas together.

Keep it natural

One of the most critical elements of California cool decor is to be sure you are incorporating natural materials into your home. Baskets, natural wood accents, and rattan, along with living plants help to bring the look together.

Do you love baskets as much as we do?
california cool decor bedroom
All the elements are pulled together in this bedroom.

pull it all together

The key to pulling all the elements of California cool decor together all boils down to combining all of the features we have shared together into a relaxed but stylish setting. Most of all don’t be afraid to mix and match different types of material and fabric to give it that welcoming feel while still being classy.

This room gives off the perfect feel.

Keep in mind, California cool decor is a vibe, a state of mind. It doesn’t matter if you live in Minnesota or the West Coast, California cool can work in any home.

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