Why Scandinavian Home Design Is Perfect For a Mobile Home

Scandinavian home design is one of the best ways to make a smaller home feel larger. Utilizing clean lines, and a less is more functionality to its style, the Scandinavian decor concept is the perfect partner for your mobile home.

According to Mydomaine Scandinavian interior design is a minimalistic style using a blend of textures and soft hues to make sleek, modern décor feel warm and inviting. It emphasizes clean lines, utility, and simple furnishings that are functional, beautiful, and cozy. If you decide to give this style a try in your own home, you might want to be familiar with the term “hygee”, which according to the Scandinavia Standard means:

Hygge is about cosiness and surrounding yourself with the things that make life good, like friendship, laughter and security, as well as more concrete things like warmth, light, seasonal food and drink.

With that in mind, we have put together a few simple ways to create your own “hygee home” full of coziness and free of clutter.

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Focus on Muted Colors

The most used colors in Scandinavian home design include:

  • white
  • black
  • gray
  • off white
  • pale wood tones
  • soft pinks
  • sage green
  • taupes
  • tan
  • mustard
  • hunter green
  • navy blues

These colors all make wonderful backgrounds to allow you to add pops of contrasting colors or textiles to create a simple yet cozy space.

scandinavian home design color palette
A nice color palette combination.
It’s all about the detail to create a cozy space.

Keep it Uncluttered

One of the truest characteristics of Scandinavian home design is making sure spaces are well used and limited in unnecessary clutter. Storage is widely used in the form of cabinets and shelving.  Keep these tips in mind when getting ready to declutter your home:

  • Start small
  • Have a place for everything
  • Declutter all the duplicates (you don’t need multiples of everything)
  • Ask yourself if you would buy it again

The bottom line is that a lack of clutter creates a calm and more serene space which falls in line with the whole Scandinavian design concept.

This living room is inviting but uncluttered.
No hiding anything under this bed.

Let the Light In

Natural light is an important element in creating the perfect Scandinavian home design. The easiest way to ensure you’re getting abundant natural light is to limit window treatments such as curtains and blinds.  If your home doesn’t see much natural light be sure to add a variety of lighting around your home. Floor and table lamps as well as pendant lights using warmer tone light builbs are a great way to add the appearance of natural light.

This kitchen has it all.

Less is More Approach

As you can see from the furniture featured in Scandinavian home design, clean lines are the way to go. When looking at sofas and chairs you can often tell that they’re inspired by mid-century modern design. Furniture needs to be functional as well as comfortable, with decor being minimal so that the space doesn’t feel crowded.

Combining textures adds dimension to the room.
It’s important for each piece of furniture to have a purpose.

Scandinavian home design is a classic trend that will never go out of style. And, its no surprise since it’s the ultimate combination of cozy and minimalism. Also, this home design trend seems to spill over into a lifestyle that promotes peace and calmness in all parts of your life. Sounds good to us!

Be on the lookout, in the next few weeks we will be taking a look at the modern home design trend and how you can incorporate the look into your mobile home.

As always, thanks for reading Mobile Home Living.

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