Charming Cottage Style Manufactured Home

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  1. I love every room! and the porch! We moved into a double wide about 2 years ago from an apartment living for 7 years.
    I try to decorate shabby chic as much as possible. I’ve painted most of my furniture white.
    I’d love special section just for those that decorate with shabby chic style in mind.

  2. I just love the look of this home! We own a 2004 Silvercrest Double Wide that we’re slowly making over into a Country/Shabby Chic/Cottage style. We also are refurbishing a 1969 20ft Shasta Stratoflyte Travel Trailer, named Sweet Miss Adelaide, and this cottage will be the inspiration for her decor. Do you know what treatment she used on her living room walls? I love how it adds interest and texture yet maintains the color palette.

    1. I’m so happy, I’m dancing… last a site just for those of us who’ve had a life long love affair with MOHO’S. We just finished a 1983 single wide and are looking forward to another redo this fall on a 14 x 70. Thanks again for being there for all of us like minded MOHO lovers. I’ve learned so much since I found this site. Please keep up the good work!

      1. Hi Gene! I’m so glad you like MMHL! Thank you so much for the kind words and encouragement!

        I’m always looking for remodels and updates to feature and would love to add yours! Hope you’ll consider it..and thank you for taking the time to comment! It means a lot to me!

  3. I’ve spent the day going thru all the remodeling pics and articles on your site. I’m so in love!! My hubby and I bought a 5 bedroom 3 bath manufactured double wide and put it on 13 acres of land about 12 years ago. It was the only way we could get that much home without being ate alive in taxes. :) Now that the kids are all in highschool we are doing complete remodels room by room. :) I’m taking pics and will share with you as we go along. Love your sight~! Will be stalking it often!!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words Lori! I’m so glad you like it!

      I would love to add your remodel to MMHL – there can never be too much manufactured home inspiration.

      5 bedrooms sounds like a lot of house to remodel – have fun!

  4. What a sweet beautiful home. I love the cottage shabby chic design. I have had 3 mobile homes and love them. So much better than a stick built home. It’s a shame there is such a stigma about them. Thanks for sharring the pictures.

  5. This home really is a charming cottage.. So pretty and sweet.. I’d love to have so much white in my home, too, but with 3 furry children and a sometimes messy husband (lol), I have to limit the white. But manufactured homes are just so much fun to turn into whatever you want them to be.. I love your site and seeing what others have done with their manufactured and mobile homes… You are helping to remove the stigma people have foolishly placed on these kinds of homes… We have sure heard enough snarky manufactured home remarks to make us want to scream! Maybe instead we should just hand out your website address :o)

    1. Hi Karen!

      It’s great to hear from you! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I appreciate your kind words very much! White is not the best color to use when there’s children, animals or messy husbands in the house..having all 3, I know exactly what it’s like to wonder how in the world a perfect tiny paw print ended up on the top cabinet door! Either my dogs are flying, jumping onto the counter or being aided by a helpful 10 year old. I really like my daughter, husband and animals though, so I guess I’ll keep them around a few more years and just not use white anywhere but the ceiling. If a paw print ends up there, I may just have to give that up, too (I wonder what a black ceiling would look like?)

      I’m so sorry you’ve had to experience the snarky comments – some people just have their priorities all messed up and place value on the wrong things. If you care what kind of home someone lives in, instead of what kind of person they are, you’ve got issues that even Dr. Phil can’t fix! My mommaw always gives me great advice and the 2 things that have stuck in my mind are “Don’t pay them no mind” and “It’s not what you’re called, but what you answer to that matters” and they seem so fitting for the mobile home stigma issue. It’s getting better though! Thanks again for commenting, I hope to hear from you again, real soon!

  6. Crystal,
    I am a huge fan and supporter of your site, I visit your site everyday to keep up with all the amazing articles, makeovers and support that this site offers those who might be considering make the mobile home leap. I purchased a 1985 Park Model on CL and have been rehabbing it with my hubby. I am so proud to be a MH owner and living debt free and have an affordable housing option where homes in my neighborhood sell for millions!

    1. Hi Tori! Thank you sooo very much! Your support and kindness means a lot to me!

      Debt-free is the way to go! Good for you! I’d love to have your home on here someday. The more the merrier! Thanks again for your kind words and support. Thank you.

  7. The site is looking terrific Crystal! This cottage is lovely. I wish I could have all that white in my house, but alas, dog slobber does not bode will with that decor. And ohhhh to live in a town where we could have furniture like that on the porch and it wouldn’t freeze or mold from all the rain…it truly looks like a heavenly cottage! Nice work!

    1. Hi Beth! Thank you so much! I hope you all are staying safe and warm up there this winter. Boy, it’s been a rough one, huh?

      I can’t have much white, either. The kitchen cabinets are so hard to keep clean and the trim we added around the flooring is, too, but my 3 Boston Terriers are worth the extra work though. :) It’s great to hear from you and hope you’ll allow me to feature your gorgeous manufactured home someday. It’s such a beautiful home!