Beach Cottage Double Wide

Double wide home decorating ideas are hard to find online, but hopefully, we can solve that issue. There are so many different styles that you can choose for your home’s decor. This homeowner wanted a beach cottage theme in her home and that’s exactly what she did.

Her Dream Home Ended Up Being a Double Wide

The condo that Susan Hinshaw had in LA was not how she wanted to live, she dreamed of a real house with a yard and a view of the ocean that she loved so much. In Los Angelas that is a very expensive dream to have, the housing market is outrageously priced and doesn’t have enough housing to meet the demand. She looked and looked and finally found a double-wide mobile home that needed a little love. She ended up giving it a lot of love and the finished product is a beautiful home.

Patience and Hard Work Turned This Into The Perfect Home

Susan worked on the home for quite a while to get it exactly how she wanted it which is what we all have to do when buying older mobile homes. The time is well worth the payout though. She added high ceilings, wood floors, and a wood-burning fireplace. Susan says she thinks of her home as a beach cottage, so she went with a color scheme that reflects the sea, sun, and sky. Lots of windows allow natural light to brighten each room are awesome double wide home decorating ideas.

In the kitchen, crisp white cabinets and painted bead-board visually maximize the already spacious layout. In the bathroom, a marbleized faux finish on the walls lends a Mediterranean touch.

With a whirlpool tub, skylight and lots of candles, the bathroom is Susan’s spa sanctuary.

The homeowner now wants to add a 2nd story roof deck to take advantage of her ocean view. This article, along with the photos was taken from HGTV.

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