complete 1964 mobile home remodel

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  1. I love anything you show with lots of windows. I want to buy an older home and add lots of windows… that a problem to do?

    1. Hi Sue,

      It’s not too difficult to open up siding for windows but it is a tedious process. As long as you’re not going to large and altering the exterior wall too much you should be able to get a new window framed and installed in a day with help. Once that first one is figured out the others will go faster. Electrical could complicate matters a bit.

      Best of luck!

  2. So jealous! Madera County CA won’t allow anything like this! I would so love to remodel an older mobile. I think they must get kickbacks from the manufacturer s as you cannot even place one unless its 1984 or newer, even if from within the county. The fees are very high for putting one in, more than the cost of the home. We are going to pitch a tent!