Kitchen In Vintage Spartan Mobile Home

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  1. I could definitely see the hubs and I staying in this, well if we didn't have a travel trailer. What a great alternative to a hotel room. Hope you get to take your cross country trip someday Crystal!

  2. Hi Alicia! Thank you so much! I love to share mobile homes of all
    types and models here on MHL but unfortunately I can't call this one
    home ;-( My home can be found in a few places on the blog (under the
    'about me' tab is the easiest place) and I must admit, my home is very
    much a work in progress. We are slowly getting it the way we want,
    perhaps in a few years I can have it looking exactly as I want
    it..thanks again!.

  3. You have done a beautiful job with the decorating and very inspiring to me.
    thank you for sharing your home with all of us.