Daydreaming of the Dos Palmas Spartan Imperial Villa

I plan to travel across the country with a small travel trailer visiting every tourist trap and every back road possible. I joke that I’m leaving the day my daughter goes off to college but I have every intention of pulling her right along with me. We may even take the ole’ man, who knows?

One of the many places I want to experience is Dos Palmas in Patagonia, Arizona. The website describes Dos Palmas as having a 1958 Spartan Imperial Villa trailer home that you will find spacious, charming and comforting. Dos Palmas sits on a wooded private lot in the heart of Patagonia, with a covered patio that runs its entire 50-foot length.

For less than $100 a night, I can sleep in a Spartan Imperial Villa?
Alright, where do I sign?

I found out about the Dos Palmas through a blog called
12 Legs Travel. 12 Legs is about a guy, a girl, 2 ugly dogs and 12 months on the road (their description, not mine). They stayed in the Dos Palmas for a few nights, strictly by accident. Their post about this “motel” is very insightful and thought-provoking. Here’s what the writer  thinks about living in a ‘trailer’:


“…Maybe there’s a theory to be posited here: that the simpler your home, the less time you will spend inside it — but the more rewarding that time will be. Big houses with lots of stuff in them only tie you down, make you soft, hinder you from meeting new people and seeing new scenes. Maybe the world needs more trailers…..”
  I couldn’t agree more!

A Peek Inside the Spartan Imperial Villa

spartan imperial villa
spartan imperial villa
spartan imperial villa
spartan imperial villa
spartan imperial villa
spartan imperial villa
spartan imperial villa
The Dos Palmas seems to be one of many ‘mobile home’ motel establishments. It’s a place that caters to us romantic types. You know, those who absolutely LOVE vintage mobile homes!
Have you ever stayed in a mobile home motel? Do you have any big traveling plans that involve a home on wheels? We’d love to hear from you!
as always…Thanks so much for reading Mobile Home Living!
If you’re interested in learning more about the rental, please go to their website here.  

3 thoughts on “Daydreaming of the Dos Palmas Spartan Imperial Villa”

  1. I could definitely see the hubs and I staying in this, well if we didn't have a travel trailer. What a great alternative to a hotel room. Hope you get to take your cross country trip someday Crystal!

  2. Hi Alicia! Thank you so much! I love to share mobile homes of all
    types and models here on MHL but unfortunately I can't call this one
    home ;-( My home can be found in a few places on the blog (under the
    'about me' tab is the easiest place) and I must admit, my home is very
    much a work in progress. We are slowly getting it the way we want,
    perhaps in a few years I can have it looking exactly as I want
    it..thanks again!.

  3. You have done a beautiful job with the decorating and very inspiring to me.
    thank you for sharing your home with all of us.

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