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Our Fav Home Improvement Channels On YouTube

Most homeowners find some renovations and home remodeling projects to be difficult. Others are curious to see if they have the skills needed to do it themselves and save some money. Reading articles is helpful but videos are usually more informative than a bunch of words so we’ve put together a list of of some of our fav home improvement channels on YouTube.

House improvement channels on YouTube usually provides a more authentic image of a home repair project, especially compared to unrealistic and overly staged shows on HGTV.

Here’s Our Fav Home Improvement Channels on YouTube

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Back to where we were, these channels listed in the following offer ideas and helpful advice for beautifying your house.

This Old House

This Old House crew has created a highly interesting collection of clips covering every area of house remodeling and improvement. These consist of a few do-it-yourself demonstrations, responses to viewer inquiries, and in-depth discussions of various supplies and equipment. Each video is structured like a mini-episode. Thus several distinct subjects are typically discussed at once. All of them are quite simple to follow.

Home Addition Plus

On his YouTube channel, HomeAdditionPlus’ Mark Donovan offers more than 100 videos covering various DIY projects and facts about house remodeling.

The greatest audience for these videos is anyone searching for a comprehensive overview of different remodeling topics. Such as homeowners who want a fast refresher before taking on a project themselves or people who want to get a rough concept of what a makeover on their house would look like.

The Sorry Girls

A terrific team that started their channel to emphasize DIY self-empowerment. The projects and makeovers of The Sorry Girls are full of inventive solutions to problems concerning furnishing your house.

The Sorry Girls have all the bases covered when learning to use an impact drill or build your fireplace.

House Improvements

Check out the House Improvements channel if you’re seeking simple, how-to videos on any subject relating to house improvements. This is one of the best channels among home improvement channels out there. runs the channel, with tutorials on anything from using a tile saw to framing a wall.
You’ll receive advice from experts on how to approach each project and an accurate description of what each project’s component will entail. The videos are divided into manageable chunks, each offering a thorough look at one aspect of house remodeling.

The Home Depot

Home Depot’s videos are of the highest caliber, with expert scripting and editing. They talk about various DIY subjects, including instructional and encouraging videos. Many of their videos offer tips on making more money on your projects.

Home Depot frequently publishes videos. They publish three weekly videos, on average, covering a wide range of subjects. It is indeed one of the best home improvement channels on YouTube.

Lowe’s Home Improvement

Lowe’s is a great place to buy supplies for home remodeling. However, they also have a YouTube video where they discuss a number of home improvement-related issues. Their channel is loaded with videos because they averagely upload two videos every day.
It is also one of the best DIY YouTube channels. You can find information about DIY projects and how-to videos. It is appropriate for almost all skill levels because it covers challenging tricks and straightforward advice

Posh Pennies

When beginning their adventure into home and decor, everyone wants to hear the phrase “making decorating a home easy.” Vivien, the presenter of Posh Pennies, offers all she knows about how to decorate a home on a budget and advice on turning stuff like traffic cones into a side table!

FIX IT Home Improvement

The FIX IT Home Improvement videos will be very useful for those needing assistance with home repairs. An ex-hardware shop owner who wished to share his experience through manuals started this as a personal effort.
We recommend watching this one of the best DIY YouTube channels if you need to fix something in your house because they specialize in the procedures required to fix any plumbing issue but are not only restricted to this.

The YouTube channel has a variety of DIY and how-to videos, product spotlights, design inspiration, and motivational movies for house owners who are still figuring out what they want to do with their properties. What’s the name of the home improvement channel? With around 400 videos, gives viewers a wide selection of various home improvement videos.

Nick Lewis

Who is the best interior designer on YouTube? Nick Lewis can answer any of your questions on interior design. His YouTube channel offers a frank assessment of new and old-fashioned home design ideas. His approach to interior design focuses on creating timeless looks, which makes a big difference when you’re on a tight budget.

Last Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed the home improvement channels listed, and if there are any other channels you would like to recommend, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

As always, thank you for reading Mobile Home Living®!

Crystal Adkins

Crystal Adkins

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