10 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Roofer for Your Mobile Home

As we all know, construction can be one of the most challenging tasks, whether it is doing it from scratch or making renovations. Most of us agree that a structure’s most important part is its roof. When it comes to investments, a new roof is the biggest vital investment you could make. So hiring a roofer is something that you should not take lightly. We took this into account and prepared this article for you. Before making any repairs on the roof, we will list key factors and questions to ask roofers. The questions are as listed below in key detail in this article.

Is The Roofer Insured And Licenced?

A good builder with a clean reputation should have all the documentation and paperwork; this will show you that they have gotten the green light from all the concerned authorities regarding all matters concerning roof construction. Insurance is key so that you, as the client, will not find yourself liable in case of an accident while they are working on your property. If they do not have insurance, you will be held answerable for any accident on your property. It can lead to great losses on your part.

What is the roofer’s registered address?

If a roofer only offers you a mobile number, they are highly likely to carry out a fly-by-night operation. You should ensure you ask for a physical office address and the office landline number to ensure they are credible roofers. If you are forgetful, you should ensure you record calls while contacting the various roofing agencies. You will need a cell phone call recorder to do this. There are various call recording apps available on the internet for this. You should not worry if you are an iPhone user; a call recorder for iPhone is available. Most of these applications are free. You download a suitable one and install it.

How Long Have They Been In The Trade, And Do They Have Testimonials?

As the client, you will be more comfortable knowing your contractor has vast experience in roofing; your job might be complex, so you might not be at ease entrusting it to just any contractor. The testimonials will act as an assurance to you.

Will They Replace The Old Roof?

Some roofers patch up over the old roof, which in most cases leads to some serious problems being missed in the process. Down the line, this leads to further repairs being needed.

Can They Supply You With A Breakdown Cost For The Work?

It will help you estimate the budget needed for the job to prepare yourself financially. Do not rely on verbal agreements.

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Do They Have A Contingency Plan For Any Unforeseen Events?

The contractor is supposed to provide you with the measures they have in place in case of unforeseen issues like bad weather while undertaking the project.

What Materials Do They Plan To Use?

The materials should come from a reputable and credible supplier and be adequate to undertake the project. It also helps you to prepare yourself on how you will find scarce materials.

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Who Is Your Main Contact On-Site When The Work Begins?

The contractor may subcontract and give the job to another contractor. It would help to establish who is in charge on-site so that you may know who you should contact if a problem arises.

How Long Will The Project Take?

It would be of help if you had a schedule of how long the job will take to plan adequately. Consider how a construction loan would usually work – a lender would require a clear building timeline – doing the same will ensure that you know what to expect, and how to deal with any unforseen delays

How Will They Leave The Site After They Are Done?

You might want to ensure they clean all the waste material and debris after they have completed the job. It is very important to ensure you get this in writing to avoid any conflict later.


How Do You Know If A Roofer Did A Good Job?

To do this, you check a few key pointers that we have listed below:
Your roof should have a drip edge flashing; some shady contractors fail to install this.
The appearance of the roof should be even and uniform.
They should use top-notch quality underlayment.
They should implement quality, effective flashing practices to protect areas such as pipes and chimneys.
They should leave the working area as clean as they found it.

What Should You Watch Out For In A Roofing Contract?

In a roofing contract, there are various important features you should watch out for. The features include:

  • The warranties.
  • The project description.
  • The terms of payment for the project.
  • The insurance details of the contractor.
  • The option to terminate the contract.
  • The building permits of the contractor.
  • The installation procedure the contractor is going to be using.

What Are The 3 Skills Listed For A Roofer?

The essential skills needed are quite simple to become a credible roofer:

Roofers should have adequate knowledge and skills when it comes to the field of carpentry.

They should have vast experience using various equipment and hand tools needed for the job.

They should have physical strength, good balance, and the ability to work for long hours at great heights.

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