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Frameless Shower Screens for Mobile Homes

Welcome to the bathroom revolution, there is a new best way to box your shower and water sources in. They are elegant, hygienic, economical, and easy to clean. The trick to making your bathroom last as long as possible is building it up with really good materials. Glass is such a great, versatile, cheap and beautiful material. It is really underused, especially in bathrooms. Frameless shower screens give the impression of spaciousness and boundlessness, which is really important in small spaces like mobile homes. Where shower curtains cut the space off, and tend to mold and drip, Frameless Impression opens the space up and dry instantly.

Frameless Impressions are superior to screens that have a brass finish or frame because mold grows in the rubber grips and is very hard to get out without encouraging more mold to grow in its place, meaning that they will eventually need to be replaced. Frameless screens are the most sustainable in this sense. Glass can be cut to any size, and provided that you have adequate drainage, should last for years to come. Sustainability is a major concern now, especially within mobile homes, and it should be a priority in planning the running of your manufactured home.

The same sorts of screens can be used as pool fencing, as splashbacks, as balustrades, acrylic pool walls and windows, and kitchen walls.

Ivy Delfin is a copywriter working with Frameless Impressions, specializes in the supply and installation of Frameless Glass Pool Fencing, Frameless Glass Shower Screens, Frameless Glass Balustrades, and Glass Splashbacks. From inception, to design and finished product, Frameless Impressions ensure that your project is at the forefront of cutting edge design. When Ivy’s not writing content she enjoys swimming, shopping and taking her dogs for a walk.

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Crystal Adkins Adkins

Crystal Adkins Adkins

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