mobile home with raised deck

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  1. I am so happy and lucky to have come across this wonderful forum. Does anyone know of a good MFG Home Inspector in Washington State. Thank you & Happy Holidays

  2. Can you suggest a reliable Manufactured Home Inspector, built 1972, near Concord, CA.

    Thanks for your help.

  3. Thank you for publishing ur article I need lots of help with buying mobile home in trailer park. I think I read other articles by u. I live in state that regulates inspectors..wi
    I am early retired do to disability,use a cane. Balance issues. I need an objective inspection. I’m also looking at older mobile home 1980. Because I’m single don’t need much. I did search for home inspector in area. Got 2. Asked both if they would inspect mobile home in trailer park when I ready to put money down..both said yes I could contact them..very inexpensive rate. In 200’s.
    But one said he would not crawl around underneath…..
    Is crawling around underneath mobile home required or can he just look underneath visually without crawling under it? Thanks I am willing to pay more for inspection but I wouldn’t want to crawl underneath it either…is that necessary…im

    I looking at 1980 trailer I expect I will do some future modifications because of my mobility issue.

    1. Hi Lynn,

      He should be able to get a good idea of what the underbelly looks like without actually crawling underneath. I would, however, make him look under the home on each end or corner and take photos. You’re mostly wanting to make sure the black belly board (aka belly wrap) is intact and doesn’t have holes and that the insulation hasn’t fallen.

      If you could find an inspector with a small wire camera that can look under the home and the ducts that would be great. Best of luck!

      1. Thanks . I’m printing out ur reply n my question to u to give him. Thanks so much!

  4. Love this site Crystal. I love sharing your posts on my community page. I manage a community with 319 sites and you post such great stuff that is so informative.

  5. Kim, this was very informative. Would it also be useful for homeowners to have this done periodically for preventive maintenance planning?

    I spent some time on that link you provided and the attitude and misinformation about MHs is scary. Especially one I read stating that “It’s common knowledge that the lifespan of a mobile home is 25 years”. I guess all those houses manufactured in the 60s and 70s didn’t get the memo. Nor their owners.

    1. Thank you for your website !!! Great source of inform action for manufactured home owners as our serves…
      a must read PRIOR TO PURCHASE. We were blinded by trusting our broker & assistant… We told them we were green in this arena & to clearly walk us thru… What a story we have. We are all sick including our dog which slows down our investigative process, many days not very functional. Will continue reading your site and working on the MANY issues. We have have been told “fraudulent nondisclosure of hazardous conditions” by an authority & was told by broker that buying this “mobile home is the same as purchasing a used car & driving away with no right to appeal grievances – PURCHASE IS AS iS”. (It depends on the definition of IS…ha,ha). An attorney said we may have a case dealing with nondisclosure of hazardous issues. There are many other issues, like foot going through bathtub floor. The home is a 1989. Please feel free to comment on our situation and make any suggestions. Thank for your time. Marge.

      definition of IS”) ha, ha. The broker saidNo right to appeal grievances. fraudgriev

      1. Hi Marge,

        Each state is different but in most situations when you buy a used manufactured home you are buying it ‘as is’ and that clears the seller of any liabilities or future litigation claims. So, your attorney is right, you are probably out of luck with that one. The hazardous material claim is way over my head but I can tell you that if your foot went through the floor then the home could have a serious water leak issue (window, door, roof, or plumbing) and that is weakening the lumber. It may also be a source for black mold and that isn’t healthy. You will want to have the home inspected thoroughly for water damage.

        I hope this is an easy and quick fix for you. Best of luck!