Cool Double Wide Decor in Arizona: You Will Love This Kitchen!

Sylvia and her husband are loving life in their new-to-them 1972 Skyline manufactured home with some cool double wide decor in Tucson, Arizona.

Sylvia has a passion for making things beautiful and she certainly did that with her 1972 Skyline double wide manufactured home. The home’s dimensions are 20′ x 52′ which is a perfect size for a couple looking to downsize and simplify their post-retirement lifestyle.

Remodeling with a Real Budget

After extensive research, Sylvia used a very reasonable budget of $19,000 to completely remodel the 1972 Skyline double wide. Projects included installing new cabinetry and appliances, laying new floor covering down throughout the home, replacing all the light fixtures with 52-inch ceiling fans in the living room and bedrooms, painting all the walls, as well as completing many other odd and end projects. And thanks to Sylvia’s several DIY projects, she was able to stretch that remodeling budget even further.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets without the Custom Cabinet Cost 

Sylvia and her husband were able to save a lot of time and money by buying kitchen cabinets already in-stock at Lowe’s. They learned that you don’t need to order custom cabinetry to get a custom cabinetry look.

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Sylvia admits the kitchen was their most difficult project. They made a lot of trips to custom cabinet shops for ideas but she ended up using stock cabinets found at her local Lowe’s home improvement store for most of the kitchen. The only custom cabinetry used in the home sits between the refrigerator and stove.

A gorgeous new granite counter top was installed along with a stainless steel sink and a stylish industrial style faucet. The kitchen walls were painted a light beige and they went with stainless steel appliances to compliment the dark cabinets and countertops.

By saving money on the cabinetry, Sylvia was able to complete the kitchen remodel with a glass tile backsplash. The glass tile was a splurge at $15 per square foot but it gave the room a polished finish, making the total cost of $400 worth it.

Using materials available at your local home improvement store or resale shop is a great way to save money and complete a home remodel faster since you don’t have to special order anything.

The kitchen is absolutely stunning and the glass tile backsplash pulls the whole room together perfectly.

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Double Wide Dining Room 

Once the kitchen was remodeled the rest of the 1972 double wide decor came together quickly.

Sylvia used the dining room’s built-in cabinetry as a focal point. She painted the cabinets white and let the goldenrod yellow cabinet door inserts that are so indicative of the seventies make a statement in the space.

Cool Double Wide Decor in Arizona (dining area 5)

The darker flooring creates a warm and inviting space.

Cool Double Wide Decor in Arizona (dining area 5)

Simple Bedroom Decor

By painting both the walls and ceiling a crisp white and making the bed the centerpiece of the room, Sylvia was able to make the room appear larger.

The hardwood floors and dark furniture really accent the crisp white and give the room a simple but elegant look.

Oddly Placed Mobile Home Windows

Sylvia encountered a common mobile home issue: odd window placement.

Mobile home designers had a tendency to put windows in rather odd places. Oftentimes, a single window would be placed completely off-centered on a wall.

There was a single window on the only wall Sylvia had to put the bed and it was not in the center of the wall. It was a rather large window (62″ x 30″) so she had to get creative to make the bed appear centered in the room. She solved the dilemma by installing a blind that was wider than the window. This made the window appear more centered over the bed and equalize the space.

Vintage Double Wide Decor (but not too vintage)

Mid-century modern, or vintage, is a hot home decorating trend and Sylvia wanted her new home to have vintage look, but not too vintage.

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The original double wide decor was a seventies time capsule, the only thing missing was a disco ball! The sinks and bathtub were especially telling of the home’s age so Sylvia made the surrounding double wide decor match the original vintage features.

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Creating an Outdoor Living Space

Living in Arizona gave Sylvia a unique double wide decor dilemma to solve. She needed to create an outdoor living space that wouldn’t get too hot in the Tucson sun. She solved the dilemma by setting up an oasis on the one end of the home that received some shade with chairs, grill, and a fireplace.

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Cool Double Wide Decor in Arizona (exterior)

Like many do-it-yourself remodels, keeping the cost down was a top priority. Sylvia researched every detail of the remodel. She spent hours pouring over Pinterest for ideas to help give their home a custom look without a custom price and the result is Pinterest worthy itself!


This cool double wide decor home was all achieved for less than $15,000.

Having a lower cost of living and remodeling are the best things about manufactured homes. Regardless of the age of the home, or your budget, you can absolutely have a great home that will allow you to retire in simplicity or save for your dream home.

Thanks so much for reading Mobile Home Living!

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