A mobile home remodel in 1954 - After metal siding

We love all vintage trailers and getting to watch a trailer or mobile home get remodeled or updated is fun. There’s a certain satisfaction in seeing something old and damaged be returned back to its original glory. That’s exactly what is happening in this video of a 1954 trailer remodel. I found these photos in a vintage mobile home magazine and put them in a short video.

This very vintage mobile home had siding made from muslin and cotton wadding over plywood. This was a popular siding option because it allowed for a bit of waterproofing and was cheap. It didn’t hold up too well, though. Leatherette was another popular siding option in the 1940s and 1950s, but it was a little more expensive.

By 1954, we had some amazing mobile homes! They were getting long which is why I’m calling this model a trailer instead of a mobile home. Compared to some of the mobile homes that were offered that year this little thing was small. 1954 was a big year of transition for mobile homes. The national association of trailer coach builders branched into two groups. The builders that were focusing on larger homes meant for full-time living was going to be called the association of mobile home builders (I can’t remember the exact names of the groups, sorry). The manufacturers that were going to build the smaller campers meant for vacations and hunting would remain the trailer coach association. The trailer coach association focused on smaller campers for recreational use.

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1954 Was a Great Year for Mobile Homes

This 1954 Trailette model mobile home is an excellent example of the amenities and styles available for the year:

1954 Trailette 34 Foot Mobile - 1954 Trailer Remodel


1954 was such a great year for mobile homes because that’s when the tri-level or bi-level homes started getting really popular. They were so awesome! Stewart Coach Industries, Inc. was making a truly unique model, but I think the one that really shines is the 1954 Pacemaker.

Stewart Produces new 2 level mobile home - oct issues of trailer topics 1954

Pacemaker Trailer Company was building some amazing mobile homes:

Pacemaker 50 foot tri level mobile home

See a cool 1954 Pacemaker Tri-level mobile home that we featured here.

We’ve been remodeling mobile homes since the beginning! 

The canvas sided campers and trailers needed to be repaired a lot. From there, the mobile homes got more complex as did the remodels. This 1954 trailer remodel is just a little glance at the good ole days and how they updated and upgraded mobile homes during that era.

 Before and After of a 1954 Trailer Remodel

This little coach got a nice new look and received some fancy new interior upgrades, too. We put it in video form for you:

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