How to Hire Mobile Home Contractors Without Getting Ripped Off

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  1. I’ll tell you one not to hire in Ocala area it’s FLORIDA MOBILE MASTERS. Don’t finish what they start. Most park models are hooked up in three days. I am at a week so far. They do lie to you we will be there tomorrow and never show.

  2. Guess what? I was just scammed by TWO roofers, one last year for $5700 and one this year for $1000. The sheriff says there’s nothing they can do. I could take them to small claims court but I’ll never get my money back (or the roof done), because you can’t get blood from a turnip.

    Contracts are useless if you’re scammed/ripped off. These two jerks have been doing this for years: the first guy has been scamming people for 20 years’ the sheriff and state police know him very well. The latest guy ripped off five other women before me.

    This whole business makes me sick and makes me feel stupid, even though I thought I did my homework. I’ll never trust another contractor. Because I have to have a new roof (mine is leaking and now I have mold), I just interviewed a guy who said all the same things the previous guys said, I don’t know if I believe him or not. Like I said before, contracts mean nothing. And New York State does not require a contractor’s license – anyone can call themselves a contractor, and it’s perfectly legal.

    I thought I was old enough (66) and wise enough, but evidently not.

  3. I own my own handyman business and I specialize in mobile home repairs and remodels. I’m having trouble targeting mobile home owners. Any ideas?

    1. Hello Chris, I was wondering if you could contact me. I am a service coordinator for a manufactured housing plant and would be interested in talking with you.

    2. Yes what kind of mobile home repairs do you do? I need a kitchen floor and a bathroom floor is there anyway you can help

  4. I’;ve been trying to find me a contractor does any know where is one available in the Pahrump Nevada community? Some please refer me to a good and honest one.

  5. Hi Crystal
    I read your very informative article. Wondered if you could recommend a skilled repaid person to do the following job.
    I need some remodeling done to my double wide manufactured home . Its on my property and was installed in 2003; I need existing Window in kitchen replaced with a larger window “in width” but keep the height the same,
    I live in Menifee, CA 92584

  6. I desparately need to have the sliding patio door replaced on a manufactured building at my dog boarding kennel. I have had 3 sliding glass door companies come out and they have all said it can’t be done. Apparently the depth of a manufactured home wall is 4″ and the depth of typical sliding door jamb is 5.5″. Any leads on where I can purchase a slider that is made for a manufactured home? One that would have a narrow 4″ jamb? I’m so frustrated!!

    1. Hi Kathi,

      I don’t see why they couldn’t just frame it out a bit to fit? Typical door jamb sizes are 4 9/16″ for 2×4 frame with ½” drywall and most manufactured homes have 2×4 framing (3.5″ thick, so you’d only need to frame out an inch or so which is absolutely doable. Now, if you have a 7′ sidewall they may be talking about the inability to build out a proper header for the size of door you want. You’d need to get a shorter size for that.

  7. Hi! Found your site while trying to figure out which manufactured home dealers build the best double-wides.

    My hubby and I bought some property in middle Georgia two years ago and will finally start getting ready to clear the lot in anticipation of putting a manufactured home on it. The goal is to be debt free with no more house payments. (I’m almost 66 and disabled/retired with medical issues and he is still working at age 60.)

    We had a Palm Harbour (mid to high price range) 19 years ago before we moved to a slab house which turned out to have been a rebuild following a fire and was mostly subbed out with a host of problems. I loved my Palm Harbour but unfortunately they were booted out of Georgia many years ago. The cost to purchase and move one from Florida would be crazy so I am trying to find something very well made and reputable in Georgia.

    We have seen some nice looking homes made by Scotbilt, but they have mixed reviews. Even with that, they still to all appearances, look like they are made with better quality than the majority. The main problem with complaints against them seem to be customer service related for the most part.

    Are you familiar with Georgia manufactured homes? Do you recommend any specic brands and/or can you tell us how to select a great company? We are prepared to spend up to $100,000 to $125,000 for a customized double-wide. We would love to get “all the bells and whistles” as we intend for this to be our final home and it needs to be one we can customize to allow for ease of mobility for me in case I ever have to start using a wheelchair, etc.

    Sorry this is so long, but we really would appreciate any advice you can offer.

    1. Hi Joy!

      I’m jealous! You get to pick out a brand new home! I think looking at all the homes online is fun! I’m not familiar with Georgia but you can go to and click on Georgia to see all the dealers around you.

      Best of luck!

  8. How can you determine if you should trash a mobile home or do a total renovation? Have a single wide 1981 MH 624 SQ FT and trying to determine if I should gut and redo or trash. There has been water damage to floors from 2 leaky faucets.

    1. Hi Gay,

      If the repairs are going to cost more than the home is worth you’re going to want to be careful. Subflooring replacement is a very common mobile home repair so don’t let that intimidate you. If the joists under the subfloor are damaged then you may need to spend more than its worth.

      Best of luck!

  9. I’m grateful for your advice that we shouldn’t hire someone who just arrived and knocked on our door out of nowhere. With this idea, you have my two big, huge thumbs up! Why? Because I believe that a well-experienced and trusted contractor won’t do that as they’ll just wait for the clients to contact them!