Modern Farmhouse Decor Ideas to Transform Your Manufactured Home

If you own a manufactured home, chances are you didn’t have many options when it comes to customizing the decor when you bought it. But, you can give your home a brand-new look by incorporating modern farmhouse decor. From choosing the right color palette and incorporating natural material, to adding vintage accents and incorporating modern farmhouse furniture, this guide will give you all the inspiration you need to create a beautiful and stylish home you will love.

What is Modern Farmhouse Decor?

Modern farmhouse decor is a popular style that combines modern elements with traditional farmhouse features. It is characterized by a cozy, rustic, and chic look that combines natural materials, neutral tones, and vintage accents. And, according to Jane At Home, this style is continuing to evolve and shows no sign of slowing down in 2023.

The style also incorporates vintage and repurposed items, such as old wooden crates, barn doors, and antique signs, to create a unique and personalized look. Whether you live in a manufactured home or a stick-built one, modern farmhouse decor can transform your living space into a warm and inviting oasis that reflects your style and taste.

Modern Farmhouse Decor Ideas for the Living Room

A simple way to transform your living room is to add a cozy and inviting atmosphere. One way to achieve this is to use neutral colors such as beige, brown, green, and blue (notice the grey is gone!) with pops of color from accent pieces like pillows or throws.

Another great way to incorporate modern farmhouse decor into your living room is by using natural elements. For example, adding a wooden coffee table or incorporating wicker baskets to store blankets or magazines can add warmth and texture to the space. Also, metal is a popular addition to the modern farmhouse decor style. Stainless steel, copper, or brass are all good choices that work well with wood pieces to create a more modern feel.

To create a focal point, consider adding a rustic statement piece like a reclaimed wood mantel or a large barn door. These elements can serve as a centerpiece to the room and tie the modern farmhouse look together.

modern farmhouse decor living room
This living room checks all the boxes for the modern farmhouse look.

Finally, don’t forget about the finishing touches. Adding small details such as vintage books, metal accents, or even a cozy knit blanket can bring the space together and make it feel like a true modern farmhouse oasis.

Ideas for the Kitchen

One of the easiest ways to incorporate modern farmhouse decor into your kitchen is by using open shelving. Replace the upper cabinets with open shelves and display your favorite dishes, glasses, and serving ware.

Another popular modern farmhouse decor trend for kitchens is the use of shiplap. Use it as an accent wall or backsplash in the kitchen. Not only does it add texture and visual interest, but it’s also easy to clean and maintain. To complement the shiplap, consider installing a farmhouse sink. Farmhouse sinks have deep basins and an apron front, which adds a charming and rustic touch to the kitchen.

modern farmhouse decor kitchen
Love the open shelving option.

Finally, consider adding some vintage or distressed decor elements, such as a wooden cutting board or antique kitchen tools, to add a touch of nostalgia to the space. With these modern farmhouse decor ideas, you can easily transform your manufactured home’s kitchen into an inviting space.

Tips For the Bath

Incorporating modern farmhouse decor into your manufactured home’s bathroom can transform it into a relaxing and inviting space. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Shiplap walls: Shiplap walls are a signature feature of modern farmhouse decor. Installing shiplap on the walls of your bathroom will instantly give it a rustic and cozy feel.
  2. Wood accents: Incorporating wood accents into your bathroom can add warmth and texture. A wooden vanity, floating shelves, or a wooden mirror frame are all great options.
  3. Vintage lighting: Vintage lighting fixtures are a great way to add character to your bathroom. Look for sconces or light fixtures with a weathered finish for an authentic farmhouse look.
  4. White subway tile: White subway tile is a classic choice for a modern farmhouse bathroom. It’s simple, timeless, and pairs well with other rustic elements.
  5. Greenery: Adding some greenery to your bathroom can bring life to the space. Hang eucalyptus branches or display potted plants on a windowsill or shelf.
modern farmhouse decor bath
Baths are often overlooked when redecorating.

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Bedroom Ideas

The bedroom is a sanctuary to many people, so why not make it as cozy and stylish as possible? Start by choosing a wooden headboard or bed frame, and add some textured bedding in neutral colors such as white, beige, or grey. You can also add throw pillows with patterns or stripes to add a touch of farmhouse charm.

To complement the wooden furniture, consider adding some rustic accessories like a woven basket, a wooden dresser, or a vintage-inspired rug. Don’t forget to add some greenery to bring the outdoors in, such as potted plants or a vase of fresh flowers on your nightstand.

Lastly, don’t overlook the walls. Hang some farmhouse-inspired artwork, such as botanical prints in simple wooden frames. With these modern farmhouse decor ideas, you can transform your manufactured home bedroom into a stylish and relaxing retreat.

modern farmhouse decor bedroom
Pillows are always a good accent choice.

We hope you enjoyed our ideas to transform your manufactured home with modern farmhouse decor. It’s important to remember that no matter where you live, you can always make your space feel like home with some creativity and vision. By following these tips, you can easily transform your manufactured home into a cozy and inviting space that’s perfect for you and your family.

As always, thanks for reading Mobile Home Living®.

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  1. I grew up in the countryside. I really like this modern farmhouse style, because it can bring me a lot of rural elements, and it is also very suitable for modern living.

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