Momma Hen’s Beautiful Single Wide Makeover

This is a beautiful single wide makeover! Amy started her blog, Momma Hen’s Frugal Life, in 2010. It focuses on DIY, furniture, recipes and home decor within a budget. She has amassed a great little following and has had some of her work published in magazines and on some very popular blogs. She is talented, no doubt about it. Yet, she kept a huge secret for more than a year while publishing the blog…..she was living in a beautiful single wide manufactured home the entire time!

A Beautiful Single Wide Makeover

Beautiful Single Wide Makeover - Momma Hen's Manufactured home makeover
Looking through the blogs the first year, Amy shared many things about her home, just not the fact it once had wheels. She featured furniture makeovers, recipes, household tips, and lots of great photos but her secret remained.
Beautiful Single Wide Makeover - Momma Hen's Manufactured home makeover
Beautiful Single Wide Makeover - Momma Hen's Manufactured home makeover
All of us in mobile or manufactured homes face a sort of stigma. Whether it is from others or just from ourselves, the trailer trash stigma is alive and well. It is up to us, the ones living on a budget and making the best of it, to change the stereotype and to educate others of what we can do with the homes.
Amy has certainly stepped up and taken a stand (maybe without realizing it). Her home is another beautiful example of mobile and manufactured home living with a whole lot of style!
Beautiful Single Wide Makeover - Momma Hen's Manufactured home makeover
Beautiful Single Wide - Momma Hen's Manufactured home makeover
I’m not for sure why she kept it a secret, I’m not for sure why she decided to come clean about, but I’m so glad she did. To step up and say “Hey, I live in a mobile home and it is beautiful” takes courage, you never know what kind of response you’re going to get.


More Great Images of Amy’s Beautiful Single Wide Makeover

Beautiful Single Wide - Momma Hen's Manufactured home makeover

This a beautiful single wide makeover! She puts a fresh twist on the ever-popular country chic style. Her blog is a smorgasbord of entertainment; tutorials, her thoughts for the day, tasty recipes and everything in between. It is bound to teach you something and make you smile. Go check her entire blog out here:

Momma Hens Coop
Amy no longer lives in this single wide. Her family outgrew it and they now live in a stick built home that she has been remodeling as well. With her talent that home is bound to be gorgeous in no time at all!
You, too, can make your mobile home gorgeous while still living on a budget. You can save a lot of money to go toward your dream home. That’s one of the greatest things about our homes, they are affordable and they can be decorated any way you want!
Thanks so much for reading Mobile Home Living!

All photos are the property of Momma Hen’s Frugal Life.

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  1. Lynn says

    Hi Crystal. I wrote to you a while ago about downsizing. (and you answered. Thank you.) I’m finally in my single wide home. Not fancy but no mortgage and big tax bills. Already I have some handipeople here doing some floor repair. Water damage from a poorly installed AC unit. We lucked out. Only the carpet pad and some subfloor had to be replaced where the water intruded. Not too bad. I think my son is apoplectic, but I try not to play into it. My daughter is encouraging. Me? I’m thrilled. Have to resist the urge to do to much remodeling. Not sure how far to go and, of course, budget is a concern but just happy to have sold the house and got moved. Thank you so much for your site and encouragement. Lynn

    1. Crystal Adkins says

      Congratulations, Lynn! I’m so happy for you! When you’re able to take the kids on a nice trip or buy them those fancy shoes they want because you don’t have a huge mortgage they will come around (mine daughter did after we were able to take her to DC to see all the dinosaurs at the museums, anyway).

      I love sharing success stories, by the way, when you get all settled maybe we can share some of your projects. Hope to keep in touch!

  2. patricia says

    Isn’t it a shame that we feel less than proud to live in a mobile home, I moved into a1970 single wide in 2010, I gutted the entire home and made it into a very cosy home, I am now in the process of selling the home which I, unfortunately, will not recoup the cash that I put into it. I have with the help of my family (which I will pay them back) bought 1980 double wide in a different park. The reason I have bought a different home is that I want to have my family for Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners, I hope to redo this home and make it cosy, I don’t like the way they put the mobile home in the parks, all elongated where the front door is on the side, it makes it harder to make the home less welcoming. Does anyone have any ideas how to accomplish this when the first thing you see is this double car garage door with the front door almost hidden? Patricia

    1. Crystal Adkins says

      Congratulations Patricia!

      You could probably move your door to any location you want, even on the end to make it look like a shotgun home. A nice walkway that guides your visitors to the door would be a pretty, too.

      Let me know what you end up doing – a lot of homeowners have the same problem. Best of luck!

  3. Traci says

    My husband and I lost our stick built home in 2005 due to mold. We moved in with my parents after being told we must leave our home and also leave all of its contents. We walked away from our home with only the clothes we were wearing. We (my husband and our 11 year old daughter) lived for the next 2 years in an 11×11 spare bedroom at my parents house. It was cramped, but it was a home. Since we still had to continue paying for the home we lost, our budget simply could not find room for a second house payment. Buying another stick built home was not an option any longer. Some dear friends offered to sell us their single wide mobile home at a very fair price. I must admit that I wrestled with the notion and the stigma of living in a “trailer”, but God gave us such a sweet peace and abundant blessings with that single wide!! After living for 2 years in an 11×11 spare bedroom, our 16×80 single wide was a castle!!! We are so proud of the home God saw fit to bless us with!! We are proud to say that in less than 2 years from now we will have our first home that we lost and the single wide paid off (2 years early I might add!!)!! At that time, we have some ideas for remodeling our magnificent single wide that will carry us into retirement (beginning 2018!). This single wide is our wonderful, forever home…because God said so!! ???????????? #nostigma #blessingsonly

  4. mama spins says

    Thanks for sharing lovely mobile home. I also live in a manufactured home and sometimes am embarrassed of it. I was looking for fresh ideas and have certainly enjoyed your story. Thanks again. I will check back with you again in the future to see if you have any ideas that I might incorporate in refreshing my mobile home. Thanks again!