New Manufactured Home Designs: Farmhouse Style

Manufactured homes have come a long way over the years. Today’s new manufactured home designs have all the luxuries of a site built home but at half the cost.  A perfect example of these new homes would be this farmhouse style double wide named the Lulamae from Buccaneer.

There are some gorgeous features in this home. And there are some odd features that we question a bit. Let’s see what you think:

Please remember that we are not affiliated with any dealers or builders so this is just our thoughts and opinions about the homes based on the images. We just like to look at nice manufactured homes and talk about them.

The Farmhouse Rustic

The kitchen is the star of this farmhouse-inspired manufactured home.  Exposed beam ceilings, stainless steel appliances, heavy rustic shelving and light fixtures make for a great combination.  The kitchen and dining room also have tons of large windows that provide some amazing natural light.

new manufactured home designs - lulamae model - kitchen
The shiplap walls and wood counter tops are popular home decor trends.

lulamae model manufactured home - new manufactured home designsRelated:  Another awesome rustic farmhouse kitchen.

Wood Grain Floors and Shiplap Walls

The living room in this manufactured home features woodgrain flooring and shiplap walls for a gorgeous farmhouse look.  Beams complete the look.

lulamae model manufactured home - new manufactured home designs - living room
Love the wood beams on the ceiling!
lulamae model manufactured home - new manufactured home designs - living room 2
Beside the living room is the dining area with tons of windows.

Luxury Bathroom with a Twist

Bathrooms are definitely important in new manufactured home designs. The market always dictates supply and home buyers demand a great kitchen and an even better bathroom (even though I read that most homeowners don’t actually use their soaking tubs very often).

lulamae model manufactured home - new manufactured home designs - bathroom 5This large tiled shower is fabulous!

lulamae model manufactured home - new manufactured home designs - bathroom 2The sinks and cabinetry almost makes up for the silly window placement. Shiplap makes another appearance and the dark framed mirrors and countertops are pretty great.

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New Manufacture Home Designs for the Exterior

New manufactured home designs are offering more floor plans. One popular option is adding exterior living spaces on the frame. It certainly removes the hassle of having to build a porch or deck. It also makes the the porch blend in better with the home since its all under one roof. However….

lulamae model manufactured home - new manufactured home designs - exterior

However, on frame porches and decks are taking away from your heated living space/square footage and you likely will pay more per square foot for a porch.

This home is between $116,000 and $151,000 alone, add the ground prep and installation to that you end up paying around $95 per square foot for a porch. shows the national average per square foot for a covered porch is $67.00.

Farmhouse Beauty Manufactured Home Design
Covered porch is a great touch (this is an image taken from a dealer’s lot).

Floor Plan

This is a unique home even for new manufactured home designs. I love that kitchen!

lulamae model manufactured home - new manufactured home designs - living room - floorplan

This manufactured home’s floor plan seems laid-out well and has a lot of great features. The decor is the cherry on top.

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Just a Few Thoughts about New Manufactured Home Designs

Be careful with homes like this. You don’t want to buy a home with trendy elements that are built into the home and difficult to change. It’s hard to tell what home decor designs will be popular in 5 years.

Another thing to think about is the cost of upgrades like the light fixtures and faucets. Those are elements that you can usually update yourself at significant savings.

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With manufactured homes you can start with a basic floor plan and personalize it to your own personal taste, just like you can in a stick built construction. You can also leave it plain (at a cost savings, of course) and decorate it all yourself.

In all, I really like this home. It’s unique and definitely offers some trendy features. I do question the french doors beside the tub but I like privacy in a bathroom. Second, the on-frame porch seems to be a questionable move financially (on a price per foot basis). Lastly, I’m hesitant about manufactured homes with overly trendy decor ‘built in.’

Note: Remember, we are not affiliated with any dealers or builders (we think they are all a little shady and will continue to be until they stop selling HOUSES like used cars).

We do like to talk about manufactured homes, though. Like, a whole, whole lot….

Thank you for reading Mobile Home Living.

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Crystal Adkins

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  1. Those are ceiling to floor windows. We own this home and we purchased easy-to-raise blinds for them. They’re beautiful and functional.

  2. Hi Billy!

    Every region is a bit different in models and I’m not familiar with TX, unfortunately. You will want to take a weekend and visit local manufactured home dealerships to see whats available in your market. I will say that you are in a great state because TX always has the nicest models. Best of luck!

  3. hi Crystal my name is Billy me and my wife love the Lula Mae farmhouse or trying to buy one in San Antonio can’t seem to find one can you help

  4. Hi Chelsey,

    I’m a big fan of buying a cheaper used mobile home if you have plans to gut and upgrade everything and you enjoy construction projects. If you want turnkey you could probably find a home that’s only a couple years old that would cost a lot less than brand new. The problem with buying used is financing. It’s much easier to finance a new manufactured home.

    Don’t get stuck on one home type, manufactured housing isn’t always the best choice for families. Wilmington is hitting a little bump after losing the movie companies so property in the area should be especially affordable. I was looking at homes in Little River, SC (about 45 minutes south of you!) and a brand new double wide manufactured home on a small lot in a park is going for $149k but you can buy a cute 2 story home on a golf course with a larger lot for $169k. I’m no real estate expert but something doesn’t seem right about that. I don’t understand why manufactured homes are getting so expensive.

    Let me know how it goes. You have a lot of decisions to make but you are absolutely doing the best thing by researching. I’m so excited for you!

  5. Obsessed with your website! Just found it at the perfect time! My husband and I are looking to purchase a little land in Wilmington NC and put up a manufactured home, but man it’s overwhelming. Do you think buying new is not a good option?

  6. Hi Crystal! I love the farmhouse style and all the elements used in this new manufactured home–designed to sell! I agree with you about the window/door behind the tub. I have seen this in so many model homes. What are the designers thinking? I want my privacy, too, and I don’t want to put on a nightly show for the poor neighbors! You are right about “trendiness” and the latest, gotta-have home design today is soon yesterday and everyone’s on to something new. Love the mag and please keep up all the informative articles!

  7. Hi Julie,

    By shady, I mean the industry is setup to fail the buyer in every way. They use a commission base pay for their sale people. No sale, no payday. What would you do or say if you saw a family that wasn’t so schooled in the house-buying process and you needed to pay your kid’s tuition in a week? EVERY new manufactured home buying process that I’ve personally been around or seen actual paperwork for (family, friends, and in-laws) in both southern WV and NC have been lied too during the process and burned in some serious manner or another. In the last 6 years on this site I’ve heard so many stories it would break your heart. The industry is 100% setup to encourage mistruths in the offices and for playing the blame game after the sell when things need repaired (telling the buyer their issue is the builder’s responsibility but the builder says the issue is the dealers’s and then somehow it goes back and forth just long enough to magically pass the 12 month warranty and, well, it’s no one’s problem but the buyer’s now.)

    If the industry wants to be taken seriously and have the stigma lifted from the homes like they say they do, the first thing they need to do is stop selling the homes like used car lots sell used cars.

    Either window or door, I don’t want glass beside my for the head’s up.

  8. Nice house, but I definitely would NOT want french doors in the bathroom, even if I lived on 100 acres and the house was in the middle of it, no thank you. Lovely looking kitchen and living space. I wouldn’t complain but the french doors would be removed.

  9. What do you mean by all a little shady ? Also I’ve seen the house and the French door behind the tub is actually full length windows ??