10 Great Craigslist Mobile Homes for Sale

1982 Single Wide - Craigslist Mobile Homes - (6)

As you probably know, I love home tours and browsing through real estate sites. I especially enjoy scrolling through Craigslist for mobile homes for sale. You’ll find makes and models in every condition and every price range.

These are my favorite Craigslist mobile homes in parks this month. Keep in mind that affordable homes tend to sell quickly so the ad may have been removed since we published the article.

1982 Single Wide in Roanoke, Virginia for $11,500

This 1982 Colony single wide sits in a 55+ community where lot rent is $230 per month (and that includes your water and sewage). It is 14′ x 70′ with 2 bedrooms and 2 full baths and has been completely remodeled.

1982 Single Wide - Craigslist Mobile Homes - (1)

The park is beautiful and the home is right beside a 2-acre lake. Home has been sold.

1982 Single Wide - Craigslist Mobile Homes - (4)

1982 Single Wide - Craigslist Mobile Homes - (8)


I hope I can be fortunate enough to find a beautiful and affordable home in a great setting like this when I retire! 

1972 Single Wide in New Port Richey, Florida for $9900

Retiring to Florida is a popular goal. With a mobile home, it’s a goal that is absolutely in reach for us ‘regular’ people that have a regular job and a regular bank account. My 401K is a 101B but I could probably save up $9900 in the next 15 years if I tried hard enough.

Favorite Craigslist mobile homes - May 2017 - 9900 dollar single wide - exterior

(Note: This cute single wide is posted on Zillow and Craigslist. The Zillow link had bigger images so I used it.Home has been sold.

Favorite Craigslist mobile homes - May 2017 - 9900 dollar single wide

Cute Lakefront Single Wide in Albion, Indiana

This is a lakefront vacation home but I’m including it because it is such a cute property. You pay $12,500 for the 10′ x 50′ mobile home with 2 bedrooms and 1.5 baths sitting on an 86 acre lake in Albion, Indiana.

Craigslist Mobile Homes - Indiana Lakefront Single wide (6)

The home has been well cared for and has the original paneling and built-ins. Lot rent is $2700 a year (includes water, sewer, and trash) and the park is open April to October. A pontoon boat and your own dock is a part of the deal!

Craigslist Mobile Homes - Indiana Lakefront Single wide (1)

You could buy the Florida single wide above for the winter months and this mobile home for the summer and have an amazing retirement! Home has been sold.

1984 Liberty Single Wide in Reese, Michigan for $7000

This is a great looking home for $7000 in a park in Michigan. It has 3 bedrooms and 1 bath and you get all the furnishings and working appliances.

1984 Liberty Mobile Home - top Craigslist mobile homes for sale in May 2017 (3)

Pitched roof, great layout (LOVE those end kitchens!) and obviously taken care of – this is a great looking home. No mention of the lot rent but if I had to guess it would be less than $400 a month.

1984 Liberty Mobile Home - top Craigslist mobile homes for sale in May 2017 (2)

Some people spend $7000 on a gaming computer (I know one personally and while it is a very nice system I would much rather buy an entire home). Home has been sold.

2011 Double Wide on 2 Acres in Mayo, Florida for $76,000

This is a great looking home! For less than $80,000 you get 2 acres of land and a 3 bedroom, 2 baths home with 9-foot side walls. The bedrooms have walk-in closets.

2011 Double wide with 9 foot ceilings on 2 acres - Craigslist mobile homes for sale (2)

The kitchen has a walk-in pantry and a great island. I saw a truck that cost more than this in today’s newspaper. Home has been sold.

2011 Double wide with 9 foot ceilings on 2 acres - Craigslist mobile homes for sale (3)

This home has 9-foot ceilings! 9 foot!

Nice Single Wide in Gainsville, Florida for $11,500

There are no interior images on this ad but I loved the exterior photo. Look at that water view! For $11,500 (OBO) you could easily fix up the interior if needed though the ad says the home has been very well kept.

Craigslist mobile homes for sale - single wide in FL beside pond for $11500

This single wide has 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. The home sits on a large corner lot overlooking a beautiful pond in a very well maintained mobile home park. Home has been sold.

Single Wide and 1/4 Acre in Warner Robins, Georgia for $24,000

This single wide has so much potential! It sits on a quarter of an acre and has 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. It’s already been updated a bit and would make a great home for a small family.

14x70 single wide on quarter acre - craigslist mobile homes

14x70 single wide on quarter acre - craigslist mobile homes - interior 2

14x70 single wide on quarter acre - craigslist mobile homes - interior

The possibilities are endless. Home has been sold.

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1998 Double Wide on 0.87 Acres in Lexington, SC for $90,000 obo

This 1998 double wide has been nicely updated. Land in South Carolina is getting expensive thanks to all the people moving down from the north (just like we did – but there are no jobs in WV so we had to go somewhere).

Renovated Double Wide in SC - Craigslist mobile homes

I wish we had enough money saved to buy something like this – I see so much potential! Home has been sold.

Renovated Double Wide in SC - Craigslist mobile homes (4)

Double Wide and Land near Savanah, Georgia for $60,000

This is a great looking home! This double wide has been recently updated with new porches, metal roofing, and interior updates. It sits on its own land so appreciation is very likely. Home has been sold.

Georgia Double Wide and Land for $60000 - Craigslist mobile homes for sale (2)

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Georgia Double Wide and Land for $60000 - Craigslist mobile homes for sale (4)Georgia Double Wide and Land for $60000 - Craigslist mobile homes for sale (5)

Beautiful Double Wide in Belleville, Michigan for $56,000

This double wide manufactured home is gorgeous. The owners obviously put a lot of time, effort, and pride into their mobile home remodel. Not much is said about the lot rent or neighborhood but I suspect this isn’t your average manufactured home community since the garage is attached to the home (most parks don’t allow that).

Newly Renovated Double Wide for sale - Craigslist mobile homes (1)

This home has 2 bedrooms and a den with a walk-in closet so it can be used as a bedroom if needed. A friend of mine paid $50,000 for her SUV last year. It’s a great ride but it isn’t half as nice as this home! Home has been sold.

Newly Renovated Double Wide for sale - Craigslist mobile homes (4)

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Newly Renovated Double Wide for sale - Craigslist mobile homes (3)

Summary – Top Craigslist Mobile Homes in May ’17 (East Coast) 

Of course, there are thousands of great mobile and manufactured homes for sale across the nation. These were just 10 I’ve seen over the month of May that I liked most.

I’m not a real estate expert and I don’t know if these prices are a good deal. Please contact an expert if you plan on buying a home from Craigslist. Do lots of research and make sure everything is on the up and up. Craigslist mobile homes are fun to look at but it’s a whole different ballgame when money becomes involved.

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If you have a great home or DIY project you’d like to share please comment below and I’ll reply. If you’ve found some great Craigslist mobile homes let us know!

As always, thank you so much for reading Mobile Home Living!



  1. I found your site a month ago after buying my mobile home outside of Daytona Beach. I was disappointed by “settling” for a mobile home and planned to save my money for 3 years to buy a home. After I spent the entire evening reading your post I had an entirely different future plan. I love my little park and the security I feel here. I paid $5,000 for my home that had new flooring and kitchen. What a steal. The only drawback I see is the lot rent. In July rent will be $550 which includes water and trash. Not bad when one bedroom apartments cost $700 up. However, when you are on a fixed income and lot rent increases every year and you do not get raises it is scary. Viewing the transformations of these homes makes me want to stay here but the lot rent scares me. Your site however keeps me motivated to stay.

    • Hi Debbie!

      Congratulations on your new home! Park rent is becoming a huge issue all across the nation. There aren’t many protections for tenants when it comes to lot rent (at least not in a lot of places). Still, you’re likely paying less than $800 a month for all your utilities and housing expenses (power, water, cable, etc) and that’s a pretty reasonable price for your area. FL is a very popular place these days!

      I’ve been told that there are certain sentences that landlords can use in their leases that allow them to increase lot rent during the lease term (instead of at the renewal). By making sure the lease doesn’t allow an increase without a proper notice or in between renewals you can maybe protect yourself a bit more.

      I wish you the best!

  2. Love the curved counter in the Reese MI single wide. There are a couple of MH communities close to me that have homes with garages. They are newer communities with newer homes all double and triple wide.

  3. I really enjoy this site. So much great info and ideas. I retired and moved from the Calif Bay Area to the North Calif area and now currently live in a 55+ manufactured home community. I love it and my house! The only draw back is space rent, but the good things here outweigh that issue. Keep the great ideas coming and the photos.

  4. I’ve enjoyed your website and many of the photos and improvement plans you and your readers have offered. Thanks so much! I regularly use this site to find answers for myself during this period of time while I look for a new home. Believe me, you perform a much-needed service! But I hope it is OK to bring attention to one requirement I saw given in your “Best Of 2017” article, which here that in Oregon and most of the Western areas I’m familiar with, is not the case. Here, attached garages are THE thing, in parks or not. Actually I do wish more information from the West could be included in your wonderful website, especially the prices, zoning, taxes and mortgages found here. I have seen so many sad cases of folks who move here and expect prices to be approximate to those of the state they left. Or even find prices that range greatly from Eastern Oregon to Western Oregon (it’s a BIG state). And most of all this info I’m offering here will also hold up in Washington and in Alaska, and is gathered my own reading, my own experiences, and a recent house and/or land search following a sale of my home in a large city. With the current market for an “average 3/2”, w/garage, and as a rule, in a semi-rural environment priced at a range from $80,000 for an older, 20+ yrs. (harder to mortgage & insure) home in need of updates, to $300,000 for home not older than 3-4 years with all codes met, as well as requirements of the mortgage company, placed on perhaps a .05 to 1 acre of land. In my very small town not too far from the ocean, where a shopping trip with lunch to the “big city” requires an all day adventure, and where our local groceries can be half again as high as city groceries and it will cost 10 cents a gallon more (at least) to fuel the car, living here in one of the most beautiful places in the US can absolutely be a challenge. Without proper self-education, a move here can be a disaster! It is a great place to vacation, as you generally receive the best of all we have to offer. Living here might be a big mistake. So I just wanted let your readers know that while the rules in their state seems likely to exist everywhere for good reasons, it is best to do your homework before packing up the U-Haul.
    Thanks for all you do by bringing MHL to us, Crystal.

    • Thanks for the info! I could use your knowledge for the West Coast states! I do understand it’s a whole different world out there but I can only write about my experiences and knowledge of the Southeastern states.

      I could never imagine paying your real estate prices but at the same time, you guys make a lot more money than we do so I guess it all evens out.

      Thanks again!

  5. Great issue! I saw a nice mobile home very near the home town (Reese, MI) I grew up in many years ago. It’s time to think about moving back! Thanks so much for the ads!

  6. Fantastic. What a tour Crystal. Pure entertainment.

    I do the same thing, but have never tried Craig’s List


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