7 Before and After Bathroom Remodels That Will Inspire You

A new bathroom is a great way to update your home. In fact, a new bathroom can give your entire home a brand new look and feel!

As you may already know, it’s hard to find manufactured home remodeling examples online. However, one of the great things about manufactured homes is that you can update them using the same materials and fixtures as a site-built home with a little additional effort.

Manufactured Homes Vs. Site-Built Homes

While most manufactured homes have smaller bathtubs (typically they are 6″ shorter, 2-6″ narrower, and not quite as deep), but you can usually find just enough space to install a standard sized tub. In our home, all we have to do is move the wall between the tub and our daughter’s bedroom closet back about 6.5 inches. Since we plan on installing a tankless water heater we will be able to gain quite a bit of space by removing the water heater tank in her closet.

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Regardless of what type of home you have, if you’re planning a bathroom remodel in the near future it’s important to get as many ideas as you can. You’ll need to make a lot of decisions during the remodeling process! Here’a few bathroom remodels that I think you’ll enjoy. Unfortunately, these bathrooms aren’t in a manufactured home but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a similar style or design. Remember, manufactured homes have unlimited potential and whatever you can do in a site-built home you can do in a factory-built home.

7 Before and After Bathroom Remodels

Green with Envy 

This first bathroom is beautiful! It was uploaded to Imgur by user BorchertKitchenAndBath, as are the first 5 bathrooms listed.

This a spacious bathroom remodel that simply needed an aesthetic makeover. The dark green tile was a bit dated, along with the tiled tub surround but it was quickly updated into a gorgeous modern bathroom.

Bathroom Before Remodel 

Bathroom Remodel 1 Before Remodel

Bathroom Remodel 1 - Sink Before Remodel

Bathroom Remodel 1 - Bath tub before remodel

Bathroom During Remodel

Natural stone tile is very popular these days and for good reason; they are durable, stylish, and can match just about any style you can imagine.

Bathroom Remodel 1 - During Remodel Tub area

Bathroom After Remodel 

Bathroom Remodel 1 - After remodel 3

Bathroom Remodel 1 - After remodel

Bathroom Remodel 1 - After remodel 2

Sophisticated Stone

This bathroom, while very nice in its own right, was also a bit dated. The contractor replaced the tub, vanity, and flooring to give the space a more modern look. The also opened up the shower.

Simple updates, such as painting trim or replacing a vanity’s counter top can give you a great new space with a modern vibe at an affordable price. You don’t have to completely gut your bathroom!

Bathroom Before Remodel

Bathroom 2 - Before Remodel

Bathroom 2 - Before Remodel 2

Bathroom After Remodel

Natural, subtle tones were used along with dark accents placed strategically throughout the space to create a fresh, modern space.

Bathroom 2 - After Remodel

Bathroom 2 - After Remodel 2

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Simple Sophistication

Here’s another bathroom remodel done by BorchertKitchenAndBath that I found on Imgur.

This bathroom seemed to be in excellent condition though I suppose the space was a bit neutral. New vanity’s and counter tops, in addition to the shower makeover makes this room look great!

Bathroom Before Remodel

Bathroom 3 - Before Remodel

Bathroom After Remodel

Bathroom 3 - After Remodel

Bathroom 3 - After Remodel 2


Bye-Bye Brass

This bathroom remodel consisted of a complete update for the brass trimmed walk-in shower. The doors were removed and the shower was opened up a bit, the walls tiled, and modern clear glass doors installed.  You can see more images of this bathroom remodel on Imgur here.

Bathroom Before Remodel

Bathroom 4 - Before Remodel 3

Bathroom 4 - Before Remodel

Bathroom After Remodel

Bathroom 4 - After Remodel

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Modern Maroon

This is a gorgeous bathroom – it’s huge, well laid-out, and stylish. The shower and bathtub switched places and their styles were simplified with a more modern material choice. The flooring and wall tile were updated with a natural stone material and the glass shower doors were update with a clear, modern design.

Bathroom 5 - Before Remodel

Bathroom 5 - Before Remodel 2

Bathroom 5 - After Remodel

Bathroom 5 - After Remode 3


Classic Black and White Bathroom Remodel

This is a great bathroom remodel that uses the classic black and white tile that has made a comeback in the last decade or so.

This bathroom remodel was uploaded to Imgur by DesignSqueeze.

Before Bathroom Remodel 

Bathroom 6 - Before Remodel

After Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom 6 - After Remodel

Bathroom 6 - After Remodel 2

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Terrific Teal Bathroom Remodel

This is a great remodel! As you can see it started with wood paneling that dated the space a bit. The bathroom was remodeled into a colorful, modern, and stylish space. Uploaded to Reddit.com via zacboggz.

Bathroom Remodel 7 - Before Remodel

Bathroom Remodel 7 - Before Remodel 2

Bathroom Remodel 7 - After Remodel

Bathroom Remodel 7 - After Remodel 2



A bathroom remodel can give your entire home a new lease on life and you can spend as much or as little as you want on the project.

Chose updates that aren’t as trendy and can stand the test of time. To make fixtures last as long as possible choose a traditional aluminum or brushed nickel finish – they have stood the test of time and continue to be popular. Choose tile that can accent many colors and use paint to give your bathroom a splash of color.

As always, thank you for reading Mobile and Manufactured Home Living!

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