Organizing Your Mobile Home

Organizing your mobile home is a great way to reduce stress and get more enjoyment out of life. If you are constantly searching for lost items in your home or leaving things until the last minute, you might benefit from having a good clear out.

When you work full time and perhaps have a family to look after, things can quickly get out of hand. Without some self-discipline and some stern words to others in your family, you can soon find yourself coping with the piles of paperwork, laundry and other general chaos.

Sort out

If this all sounds familiar and you have decided that enough is enough, it is time to take stock and start sorting things out. But don’t be fooled – this is going to be hard work and it is going to be tough to keep it going. If you live with other people, a meeting to establish some rules and garner collective agreement and co-operation is absolutely essential. If you’re the only person buying into this new organized life-style, it could be pretty miserable and lead to disharmony.

Where should I start?

Where you start will depend largely on which room you and your family tend to dump things – this is often the kitchen or dining room. It is quite common for people to have piles of letters and other paperwork which they need to keep, but the dining room table is not a good place to store your credit card bills, bank statements or payslips!

One of your first jobs may therefore be to invest in a filing system. Document folders and expander files will usually suffice and if you get something stylish, it can make filing and looking after your stuff much more fun. Try to have a look at a stylish range from brands like Orla Kiely, rather than just settling on something really basic from your local supermarket, and it will become part of your home.

A notice board where you can pin things that you need, together with a family organizer or calendar hanging in the kitchen or utility room are also great to help everyone get on the same page and work together. Get a chalkboard and write reminders for important things, or get some chalkboard paint and turn a patch of wall or the edge of a kitchen unit into a fun place to write shopping lists or leave messages for other members of the household.

Clear out

The next port of call could be the bedroom. If it has been a while since you had a clear out, go through your drawers and wardrobes and get rid of things that you no longer wear as well as those bargain purchases which, if you are perfectly honest, you are never going to wear. Be ruthless and disciplined and don’t forget to clear out your shoes too.

Go through each room in your house like this, throw away or donate unwanted items to charity or even sell them, using the cash to buy something you really need – once you have sorted out, you will no doubt get an urge to update and restyle some areas of your house. Go for it, get organized and live stylishly.

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