Great Craigslist Vintage Travel Trailers For Sale


You can find just about anything on Craigslist! From Airstreams to Zimmers and everything in-between – it is a true vintage trailer and mobile home fan’s paradise so of course we’re a big fan of the site here on MHL.

See more great Craigslist mobile homes here. 

These two beauties popped up recently and thought I should share. I also thought it would be helpful to show you how to use Craigslist. I remember when I first visited the site it intimidated me and I wasn’t sure how to find what I wanted. Even thought it’s pretty easy there’s lots of links and listings that can overwhelm you!

1963 Mobile Scout

This 1963 Mobile Scout is super cute! At 13 foot long, it’s a perfect size for easy towing and has all the classic lines that a vintage camper is known for:

1963 13' Mobile Scout Exterior



Both the interior and exterior have gotten an makeover and the results are spectacular!


1963 13' Mobile Scout Interior


1963 13' Mobile Scout Kitchen


1963 13' Mobile Scout Bed
 Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication! You can learn more about this travel trailer here. The asking price is $4000 and is in the Asheville, NC area.


1968 Ken-Craft Travel Trailer 

This 1968 Ken-Craft is awesome!

The original Craigslist ad for this vintage Ken-Craft was erroneously removed but the owner, Sha, still has the trailer up for sale  (as of November 12, 2014).  Sha was kind enough to contact us and shared a link to her  blog page that provides lots of photos and information about this trailer. You can contact her using the comment form on the bottom of the page.

The Ken-Craft has lots of great features:

  • Original birch paneling is in very good to good condition throughout the trailer. No visible water damage, recently cleaned.
  • Full kitchen with original white appliances.
  • Recently updated the kitchen.
  • Pop-out approx. 4ft deep x 6.5ft wide inside, 2 electric outlets on separate service feed.


1968 Ken-Craft 35 Exterior rear view


1968 Ken-Craft 35 Exterior with pullout


1968 Ken-Craft 35 Exterior


1968 Ken-Craft 35 Living Area


1968 Ken-Craft 35 Kitchen


1968 Ken-Craft 35 Interior


1968 Ken-Craft 35 bedroom



How to Use Craigslist

If you are looking for your own vintage travel trailer or mobile home Craigslist is definitely the website for you! If you haven’t visited the site yet or got a little confused or intimidated like I did when I first started visiting the site, here’s a quick tutorial on how to use Craigslist.


Go to Craigslist at and you will see a page that looks like this:

Craigslist - how to use the site



Click on the US link on the top left or click on a purple dot that is close to your home. Personally, I like to click on the US link – it just seems easier for me to read the states than look on a map.

How to Use Craiglist

If you click on a purple dot you will see the map zoom in to the dot you clicked and then see more purple dots like this:

how to use Craiglsist - dots


If you click on the US link, the page will change to a listing of states and their cities. Like this:

How to use Craigslist - the states



Find your state and then the city closest to you and click on it. You will then be forwarded to a page that looks like this:

How to use craigslist - the topics


Scroll down to the ‘for sale’ section and click on the rvs + campers:


how to use craigslist for campers and RVs



Clicking on rvs + campers will take you to a page with all kinds of listings! Some will be from dealerships and some from individuals but you can use filters to block out the listing you don’t want. You can also change how the listings appear.

To see listings by owners only, simply click on the ‘by owner’ section, you can also block out any listings that don’t have an image.

how to use craiglist - the filters


Another great feature is how the listings appear. Personally, I like the gallery view best because the images are larger and I can quickly find any listing that catches my eye. Just click on list, thumb, gallery, or map to see which one you like best.

how to use craigslist - the filters 2

That’s it! You’ll have a whole screen of listings to look at. If you like one just email or give them a call! Be careful though, never go to see a listing by yourself and always meet at a public place. Even an awesome vintage camper isn’t worth putting yourself in danger!


As always, thank you for reading Mobile and Manufactured Home Living!

  1. dj nulf says

    I just bought a 1972 a kencraft ft 26 ft camp trailer and was wondering if anyone has info on these



  3. Sha says

    Greetings! Please let everyone know that the 1968 KenCraft is still for sale! The Poppy Villa is 35 feet of vintage charm, with recent kitchen update and tons of room. Here’s a link to more info & pictures, this page will stay up until she’s sold:

    Thank you for featuring our 1968 KenCraft vintage travel trailer on your site!

    1. Crystal Adkins says

      Hi Sha!

      Thank you so much for letting me know! I’ll get that corrected right away.

      It’s a beautiful mobile home! Whomever ends up with it is one lucky soul!

    2. Skyy Wells says

      I look forward to getting my hands on something like this! Cannot wait to start my own vintage project.
      This is way over my budget, but it’s amazing. Good luck!

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