3 Easy Tips Using Pinterest To Inspire Your Mobile Home Remodel

We all love to get lost on Pinterest. But Pinterest can also actually help you get ready for your next mobile home remodel project, and we are going to show you how. Pinterest is full of home decor inspiration, DIY projects, and ideas from other mobile homeowners who have already done renovation projects. The key is to know what to search for and where to save them for later use. So if you are thinking of starting a remodeling project, this is a great place to get inspired.

Find and Follow Relevant Boards

Of course, we think the first board you should be following to inspire your mobile home remodel is our Mobile Home Living Page. But once you have got that covered, there are thousands of other boards out there that will help you decide what direction you want to take your remodeling project. From decor style boards, to total remodels, you can find just about anything you want by using the search tool on Pinterest. Also, you don’t have to limit yourself just to mobile home boards, search out anything that sparks your interest, because pretty much anything you can do to a stick-built home can be done to a manufactured one!

search mobile home remodel
Using the search tool, you can explore pins, shop, or find profiles that match what you are looking for on Pinterest.

Start Saving Those Pins

The next step in using Pinterest for your mobile home remodel is to start creating boards and saving pins. If something catches your eye, save it! Even if you don’t think it will work for your home, there may be an aspect of it you can incorporate into your own remodel. Include color schemes, decor style ideas, even products that you think you might want to use in your remodel. You can also save DIY projects that you might want to try your hand at as well. Another idea is to separate your boards by room, that way you will have an easier time sorting through them when the time comes.

Add whatever boards fit your purpose!

Turn Inspiration into Reality

Once you have found your inspiration on Pinterest (or on our Mobile Home Living website!) it’s time to turn all those ideas into reality. First, give your boards and pins a second look. Do you see any recurring themes that stand out? Any colors that you seem to be drawn to? Many times, without even realizing it, we are drawn to the same design style and colors over and over without even knowing it. Next, share your favorite ideas with whoever is going to be doing your work, or sit down and plan out how to make those ideas a reality yourself. The great thing about Pinterest is that you can always go back and check out your saves, or even look for more ideas once you have narrowed down your options.

By utilizing sites like Pinterest to plan and design your mobile home remodel you are able to easily visualize what it will look like before you even start. Also, a lot of photos link to DIY tutorials or videos you can follow if you plan to do the work yourself. Otherwise, use the image as inspiration for your own project or alter it to meet your family’s needs.

Are you a fan of Pinterest? Have you used it for your own mobile home remodel project? If so we would love to hear from you! Comment below and tell us all about it.

As always, thank you for reading Mobile Home Living.

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