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By way of The Nate Show website, I found this gorgeous single wide trailer remodel in the House Proud section. After drooling, reading and clicking a magical link, I found 2 more wonderful mobile home transformations at a blog called “Trailer Chic.” They are 2 ladies that love trailers. While I haven’t had time to read this blog in it’s entirety yet, I have skipped around like a raving lunatic trying to take it all in.
My conclusion: These girls have skills!

So without further mumbo jumbo from me, please enjoy:

Home on Wheels
Couple Tanille and James Leal of Reno, Nevada bought their home for a real steal – free.  The 1959 trailer was in terrible condition, but after $7,000 of renovation work, the Leals completely transformed the trailer into a modern, chic home. “We believe these are the original plates,” says Tanille. “If you look closely the date is June 1960. How cool is that? I love that we took this old trailer that had been forgotten and everyone thought was garbage and made it alive again. The epitome of recycling!”
Appearances can be deceiving. “The outside is our ‘disguise,’ says Tanille. “No one would guess what is inside and that’s the beauty of it. Everything is original. It just received and good cleaning and a coat of paint.”

Mobile Home Remodel

“This shows the extent of our remodel,” says Tanille. “We took it down to the studs. It had been so neglected that the floors were rotted through, the insulation was paper thin and the ceiling was sagging. All of this was rectified due to a lot of hard work, and now we have a solid little structure!”

The state of this trailer when we found it was horrifying. You can see in this photo the nicotine that was caked on the walls, the white square on the wall was where a picture was hanging. The former owner also lived with several cats. You can imagine the smell. The first few days of demolition we had to wear masks or we would be sick. All of these windows had to be replaced, many were broken or wouldn’t close.

Kitchen Demo

Out of all the rooms in their trailer, the Leals’ favorite space to renovate was the kitchen. “The cabinets took about three swings with a sledgehammer and literally fell apart,” recalls Tanille. “The floor was so rotted that is was buckled.”

Tanille had one major must-have for the trailer renovation – a beautiful kitchen sink. “This was my kitchen splurge and the only thing bought new in this room,” says Tanille. “I also wanted black granite counter tops, which a friend conveniently had just laying around from a construction project. So we scored on this one. The small spaces next to the sink are going to be small utensil drawers that we still need to build.”

Bedroom Sanctuary

The Leals’ bedroom is their sanctuary. “Originally the bathroom was in the middle of the trailer and the bedroom was so small only a twin size bed would fit comfortably. We considered bunk beds, but for the sake of our marriage decided to redesign the layout of the space. The result is a surprisingly spacious and beautiful bedroom.”

“I love using color in a small space because it surprises everyone,” says Tanille. “There is misconception that color should be minimal in a small space. But it adds so much warmth and visual interest. Also, in this picture you can see the salvaged glass block wall that we used to bring natural light into the shower. This was a great find from Habitat for Humanity that is extremely heavy. I got a lot of resistance for wanting to put in a solid glass wall. There was some concern about the weight on the trailer. But we are doing just fine, this trailer has been through a lot worse!”
Living room before

Thrifty Kitchen Finds

Like many of the rooms in the Leals’ mobile home, the kitchen features a number of second-hand thrifty finds. “We found the cabinets at Habitat for Humanity for $160,” says Tanille. “They were originally oak, which didn’t go with our decor, so we painted them a soft grey. The island was a craigslist find. It was originally red and my husband said it looked like a toolbox, so I painted it black, which worked better with the design anyway. All of our appliances were also purchased used. We had a friend that was remodeling a fifth wheel and wanted full size appliances and I wanted the smaller appliances to have more storage. So it was great timing. All of the materials in this kitchen including cabinets, island, appliances and new sink cost under $750. I am pretty proud of that. It’s truly the best kitchen to cook in. Everything is extremely organized and within arms reach. The island is on wheels and can easily be rolled out of the way if we need more space. The island is also where I work. We own our business and after moving into this space I decided to go paperless. So when I do the books or marketing the island is my desk and everything is sent to a wireless printer and scanner that sits tucked away on top of the refrigerator. I hate paper clutter and filing so this has been a dream come true for me.”

The selling point of the trailer? The windows. “The first thing I loved about the trailer, even in its worst state, was that the living room was all windows,” recalls Tanille. “Even though it is small it feels very open because there is so much light coming in. We spend most of our time in this room and it’s a great room to entertain in. One of the unexpected benefits of living here is that when we do have guests everyone is gathered in this one small room. This makes for great conversation and wonderful memories. Our friends seem to be comfortable here and love hanging out for hours. They have told us that they feel more cozy and comfortable here than they ever did in our large living room in our former house

Lr after 2

Kitchen after 1

Hallway after

Br after

All photography and copy is directly from The owner of the home is a blogger at Trailer Chic, a wonderful blog about 2 ladies living it up in trailers! Go check it out, if you like Mobile Home Living your gonna love Trailer Chic!

As always, thanks so much for reading Mobile Home Living!

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  1. John Harkins says

    Enjoy your articles! I own two mobile homes, (Pa. & Fl.). Last summer at a cafe near my park, (Pa.) overheard the conversation of the folks sitting across from me. Well dressed folks in their 40’s. The one woman told her friends she had driven a lady from her church to the “trailer camp” down on Patterson Lane. She was shocked that the streets were paved and her friend had just purchased a $85,000.00 double wide. For several years, all homes located there must have vinyl siding and singles roofs. Many folks do not realize how nice the homes being built now are. Lots of folks need to be aware how nice the homes and parks are now. Your articles help educate people! Thank You!

    1. Crystal Adkins says

      It’s always good to hear stories like this, John. Thanks for sharing!

  2. MissyMae says

    This single wide redo is BEYOND IMPRESSIVE! We have a single wide rental that I have not been inspired to bring to new heights…until now. Love seeing all the possibilities. Thanks for sharing.

    1. beverly says

      No one explained how the kitchen ceiling was so unique ?

      1. Crystal Adkins says

        Hi Beverly,

        They just cut plywood and screwed it into the ceiling to give it that curved drop-down effect. It’s a great way to make the ceiling appear taller as it gives the eye something to focus on up there.


  3. home interior design ideas says

    Thank you to the owner of this website, because I can find ideas for the design of my house here.

  4. darlene roberts says

    Very inspiring. I have a gutted trailer, talking to the metal exterior wall, also ripped floor and insulation out. It is 75 feet long and am wondering how much it is going to cost to remodel versus purchasing a new one to replace it. I would like to know what you used for the walls in the interior of pictures above? drywall? and I absolutely love the kitchen ceiling, how was that done? Thanks D:

  5. Cowgirl says

    Very, very nice. Love the transformation to a chic, modern, simple place. You guys did a great job! I love your design sense. Let’s hope more people start to see the potential of our little ‘boxes’ to be really fun places in which to live and be full of style…like yours! Thanks for more inspiration….I will continue on my own vintage trailer re-muddle.

    1. Crystal Adkins says

      Your home is just as marvelous, if not more so, because you did it yourself and didn’t have a professional design it and I can’t wait to share it with everyone! 😀

  6. lizzy says

    The design and decor are comfortable but chic. I am dreaming of the day I can own my own mobile home (I like the parkside models – a little smaller, but perfect for me and my yorkieepoo) and being not far from the beach. Living on a fixed income may prevent me from living my dream, but I have hope. You inspired me with this redo. Stunning. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Crystal says

      Thank you for commenting Lizzy! I wish you the best in fulfilling your dream home! Those park homes are beautiful and I would love to have one, too. Good luck!