Mobile Home Park Injustices

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  1. “Don’t get me wrong, I believe all businesses should be able to make a profit … ” – Housing is a human right! Why does their profit have to be on the back of the poor!

  2. Just a question .. if you pay your rent and clearly write on payment that funds are for lot rent, can landlord apply your rent funds to such things as unpaid grass maintence or late fee or sewer fee?

    1. Hi BJ,

      I think it all depends on the state you live in. However, I think I read that in most states the memo line of a check is not considered to be binding. I’m not sure where I read that though. Google your state and then “check memo line” and see what comes up. There’s bound to be some useful information. Best of luck!

  3. This was a great editorial. My husband and I have been aware of the problem for many years. Back in the 80s, there was a park a few miles from where we lived. The town was going upscale (and ended up very, very upscale) and wanted the park gone. They illegally turned off the electricity to the park and locked the box. The tenants had to move immediately. And as I’ve always said, people don’t live in mobile home parks because they have thousands of dollars in the bank in case of eviction. They live there because it’s the most affordable housing, as it was been with us. That park owner sued the city and won a several million dollar settlement (judgment?) but the damage was done to the tenants. The city felt like the payout was worth it to get the park eliminated and now the whole area is full of houses that are $300,000+. I felt so badly for the tenants.

    1. Thank you, Carla. I’m so tired of reading article after article of parks tenants being victimized. I have noticed that an awful lot of court cases are being sided with the tenants so that tells you there are a lot of injustices happening. Unfortunately, not every park is able to find an attorney to help.

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

  4. Hey Crystal, I so hear you! I live in a state-owned park in VT and we just love it, but in the back of my mind is always the worry that the state will sell the land out from under us. We put a new home in here 3 years ago, and the state made us pay for a super-built, reinforced pad to the tune of $15000 just for the pad. We are paying down a 15 year mortgage, but still owe $74000 on it. Seriously, we would have to walk away, as the home is large, very heavy (all drywall) and couldn’t be moved easily. And where would we go, anyway, since this is happening all over? One park in Shelburne, VT became a co-op, which is a good idea, if people can jump through all the hoops. What I find worrisome as well is the increasing focus by politicians on policies that would price potential co-op groups out of the market due to increased laws around septic systems and water useage. VT is getting very ridiculous in that area. I wish I had a great idea that would help everyone; it doesn’t even help for me to contact my legislators, as they are all wealthy people who are focused on making people move into the urban areas and ride bicycles everywhere, all the time. They don’t care one bit about struggling rural Vermonters. If you do think of something and need someone to help, I’d like to try. Thanks for bringing this to everyone’s attention.