The Divine Double Wide, Part II

divine double wide-collage

This Divine Double Wide is Exactly What Dreams are Made Of

I am honored to get to show you even more beautiful shots of Tara and Heidi’s gorgeous 1974 divine double wide and share the interview they were so kind to do for Mobile Home Living. If you missed the original article, you can find it here: The Divine Double Wide.
The quality of this home and the fact that it was superbly taken care of gave them a perfect canvas and the beautiful space they made from it is pure inspiration for any of us, whether in a manufactured home or not.
Tara and Heidi are a hip and modern couple, and their home exudes contemporary eclectic with plenty of beautiful vintage finds thrown in. They have taken simple color and used as a feature in each room. Their unique furniture and artistic flair give the rooms a stylish and still cozy atmosphere. They certainly know how to decorate a room!
As with all of our Featured Homes, we like to ask a few questions of the renovators, and we always learn something from them. Whether it’s what the biggest challenge was or where they got their materials, each question allows us at least a glimpse into the remodel. With Tara and Heidi’s interview, we get great insight and info!
divine double wide-typewriter
Eclectic pieces make up the entire home decor.

Tara and Heidi’s Interview:

Tara & Heidi, Petaluma, CA
I have no idea the make; it’s a double wide, approx 1400 sq. ft. and built in 1974
Years Lived In
Only since May 1st, 2012! Closed at the end of Oct. 2011, so began the renovations . . .
Favorite Style 
Oh, dear. SO many! We are photographers by trade, and architecture and design nerds for fun. We tend towards a vintage esthetic. Heidi has a thing for the 20s and 30s, and Tara loves mid-century modern. Both of us love kitschy farmhouse, organic, industrial, Asian, whimsical . . . I guess “eclectic” really sums us up. Ha! We rarely buy anything new and often fill our home with free finds, our absolute fave! We love garage sales, estate sales, auctions, and opp shops.
divine double wide- decor
Everything works together perfectly.
Nature! Our living room is painted grass green, our bedroom a sky blue, our guestroom earthy brown . . . If I could fill the place with beach stones, driftwood, branches, shells, moss and lichen, I would! Tara LOVES Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Organic Architecture” and the idea of bringing the outdoors in. We wanted to live here because it sits at the end of a private lane, on a hill, on half an acre . . . We love looking out at our surroundings. We wanted the indoors to reflect where we are: our town, the agricultural history of our area, the garden, homesteading, and wine culture in our county . . .
divine double wide-lawn
You can never have too much yard space.
divine double wide-decor
Great images of the home’s many lovely features.
divine double wide-lawn
Another look of the yard.
Favorite Room/Place in Home
We spend the most amount of time in the office area, as we work from home, but our favorite room has to be the bedroom. It’s the exact color we wanted, white curtains & linens for a crisp, spa feel . . . We didn’t overcrowd it with furniture or “stuff.” It’s as relaxing as we need it to be. And it houses our most prized heirlooms – quilts Heidi’s Mum made for us!
divine double wide-office space
We are big fans of bookshelves.
divine double wide-bedroom
Crisp, clean look to the bedroom.
Biggest Challenge So Far
Umm, not having ever done any home renovation before, ALL of it was challenging! We were doing everything for the first time and winging it! We are HGTV addicts, and they deceptively fit SO much into that 30 minutes, making it all look so easy. Everyone said we could do it ourselves, so we believed them. Once we started ripping up the carpets, there was no going back. We uncovered all sorts of issues with the subfloor, and there were decades of layers of linoleum, lots of gaps and holes to patch . . . And then we have this wall of built-ins that seem typical of older mobile homes. We’ve painted it, removed the awful glass shelves and mirrors, took off some of the cabinet doors . . . But it’s still a strange little area that in hindsight, I kind of wish we had drywalled.
divine double wide-interior before
The remodeling process can be messy.
What Friends Say
No one can believe it’s a mobile home! The outside could pass as a ranch style home, I think. And apart from the beaded curtains we left in the guest bathroom, it doesn’t look like a mobile on the inside anymore. What I have always told Heidi (and everyone else for decades) is that I would live in a trailer if it meant I could live in the country. Be careful what you wish for is a common mantra for us. I remember calling a schmancy realtor and asking to see the inside after falling in love with the property. He said, “You know it’s a mobile home, right?” (Way to say no to a commission, buddy.) We quickly found a realtor who was a mobile home specialist and when we met her here to show us the place, she kept shaking her head in disbelief. She thought it was amazing. We didn’t think we’d care for the inside, but we immediately saw the potential. Heidi is from Australia and mobile homes are not typical, so she wasn’t sure what to expect when I told her about the property. She didn’t care to see it at first. It was only when we were in the neighborhood that she was willing to stop by. Thank goodness!
divine double wide-exterior
This mobile home could pass for a ranch style home.
Biggest Embarrassment 
Oh, the baseboards. We were always quite bad at math, so we had some patching to do after a few bad cuts, but again, not something we ever thought we’d be doing. And there’s a dimple in our vinyl floor that we somehow missed while we were laying it down. It’s all flat and perfect apart from this tiny mound right near our café table. We’re looking for the perfect rug to cover it up!
We also had to paint our Living/Dining room twice. We picked a very safe, somewhat bland green color at first. And we never really loved it. And then we decided that if we could paint any color we wanted, we wanted to be bold, not careful. So we went with a grass green. It’s bright, but we decided it was a happy color and there was no way we could ever be grumpy in those rooms.
divine double wide-kitchen
We are in love with this kitchen.
divine double wide-living room
These colors work so well together.
Proudest DIY Moment
Our floors we laid! We used laminate in three rooms and the Home Depot vinyl planks in the others. After we discovered how easy it was to use the vinyl planks, we certainly would have skipped the laminate and utilized vinyl throughout! We divided up the work. I did all the tricky cuts while Heidi used the rubber mallet to set the planks. Apart from a few cracks and short planks, it looks pretty great. We still can’t believe that we just ripped up the carpet and replaced it with all new flooring!
divine double wide-decor
The pieces all tie in together.
Biggest Indulgence 
Hmm . . . A couple $300 trips to IKEA is all. We needed rugs and curtains – LOTS of them, and IKEA is perfect for those.
divine double wide-decor
Love these pieces.
Best Advice
See beyond what’s in front of you regarding possibilities. There’s little need for anything new these days, so re-use and salvage whenever you can. Allow for more time than you think it might take you for renovations. And seriously consider a mobile home as a base for your homestead – they are economical, impermanent, and relatively simple to make over. Recycling is always a plus!
divine double wide-interior
The green walls turned out perfect.
Source of Material/Supplies
It seemed like we were at Orchard Supply Hardware every single day. We went to Lumber Liquidators and Home Depot for flooring. Most of our furnishings came from IKEA, World Market, or several different used sources, like auctions, craigslist, estate sales, etc. In fact, I obsessively refresh the Free Stuff section on craigslist daily. You’d be amazed at what you can find for little to no cost! And also check the Materials section for lumber, flooring, tile, etc.
Thank you, Tara and Heidi, for letting me feature your divine double wide on Mobile Home Living! I can’t express how much I appreciate it. Featuring homes is my absolute favorite thing to do on this blog.
Here’s a break down of all the work they did in just a few months:
divine double wide-collage
A look at all the before and after’s of the home.
If you have a gorgeous mobile or manufactured home, please send your photos in! I would be honored to share them!
Thank you for reading Mobile Home Living!

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