Tiny Home Designs That Make Downsizing Look Good

We have all seen the recent articles about the “Tiny Home Movement” and how popular downsizing and a more minimalistic approach is right now. If you aren’t sure what the tiny home movement is, we found this interesting article that explains it fairly well. We’ve also included this great video of some of the most incredible tiny homes ever!

Of course, we are big fans of “less is more” here at Mobile Home Living. But, that doesn’t mean we don’t want to live in something fabulous, even if its tiny! So, we thought we would put together 3 of our recent favorite choices for tiny home designs that we loved. We’ve included the floor plan to each design that we found along with some of the images that highlight the reasons we loved them.

Please keep in mind that we are not affiliated with any dealers or builders so this is just our thoughts and opinions about the homes based on the images. We just like to look at nice manufactured homes and talk about them.

Tiny Home Designs: The Alexander From Lakeside

The Rustic Farmhouse design is very popular right now and perfect for downsizing. Alexander is a great representation of that look. The tiny home is only around 400 square feet but can accommodate 8 people with its creative use of space. Bunk beds, room for a queen-size bed, and a loft space all provide plenty of sleeping room.

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tiny home designs-the alexander interior
Rustic farmhouse look.
tiny home designs-the alexander bunk beds
Bunk beds create more sleeping space.
tiny home designs-the alexander exterior
The finished look all set up.
tiny home designs-the alexander floor plan
Hard to believe you can sleep 8 people in this home.

Tiny Home Designs: The Cimarron From Champion Homes

We loved the layout of this tiny home. A little bigger, at 680 square feet, the Cimarron gives the illusion of even more space than that. We especially love the corner electric fireplace that makes use of what would otherwise just be dead space.

tiny home designs-cimarron open space
Lovely floor plan to create the illusion of more space.
tiny home designs-cimarron kitchen
Look at all these cabinets.
tiny home designs-cimarron exterior
Plenty of room for some front porch seating.
tiny home designs-cimarron floor plan
We would definitely want the available options.

Tiny Home Designs: The JT From Park Model Homes

We have a soft spot for the Park Model homes, we have even written some articles on them in the past, most recently one about Park Model Homes we found in Oregon. And, if you have always dreamed of living in a log home but never thought you could afford it, the JT may be just for you. At right around 400 square feet, this tiny home offers plenty of storage and natural light. We can just picture this rustic beauty sitting somewhere secluded, the perfect weekend getaway spot or perhaps the perfect forever tiny home!

tiny home designs-the jt interior
We love the open loft above.
tiny home designs-the jt barn door
These barn doors make a great use of space.
tiny home designs-the jt exterior
Rustic log house in tiny home form.
tiny home designs-the jt floor plan
The floor plan helps to show a clear look at the layout.

As you can see from these 3 tiny home designs, smaller doesn’t have to mean you can’t have all the great features of larger manufactured homes. Plenty of storage, beautiful kitchens and plenty of room for the family make these tiny homes the next big thing.

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