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Modern, Hip & Fabulous!

I stumbled upon yet another fabulous retro mobile home remodel. This is in France so I have no idea about the manufacturer or if it’s even a true mobile home. It could possibly be a train car, I don’t really know. It looks close enough to a vintage single wide trailer to me though!

The owner is Pierre Arnoux and he buys older travel trailers, buses or mobile homes and renovates them into pure awesomeness. This remodel leans toward fresh and hip and great minimal design. It’s a very retro-modern look.

The use of white gives you a wide-open canvas but don’t be scared of color in small spaces. Color can give any home depth and add dramatic detail and no, it does not make a room seem smaller, that’s a myth. It can actually make a room seem larger!
The designer let the pieces inside the home be the only color and that adds a bit of depth to a space. In mobile homes, you’ve got a basic rectangle or square shape in every room. You’re going to need something to break it up and pieces of furniture can absolutely do that. Play around with color and see what you can come up with. I have a baby blue table beside my turquoise sofa, nope they don’t match perfectly, but it adds interest and we all need as much interest as we can get.  : )
As always, thanks so much for reading Mobile Home Living!

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  1. Liz Mercado says

    Necesito informacion de los movil homes for sales…para mi. Tengo 39 años de edas, soltera y abogada de Puerto Rico. Gracias!! 787 2189791 mi celular personal.

    1. Crystal Adkins says

      Hola Liz! Tenemos algunos buenos consejos y asesoramiento en la categoría de la compra de una casa prefabricada aquí:

      Si usted está buscando para comprar cierto tipo de casa, le recomiendo que utilice y simplemente buscar el área que usted está interesado pulg Puerto Rico sólo puede tener algunos anuncios como es un Territorio de América.

      Si hay algo más que te pueda ayudar, sólo házmelo saber! Gracias!