What do you get when you throw MTV, a rapper, and a mobile home together?  Some pretty unique mobile home decorating ideas.

The following images are actual mobile home makeovers created during the filming of MTV’s short-lived show, Trailer Fabulous. Some of the unique mobile home decorating ideas they created are pretty awesome. Some, meh, not so much.

Unique Mobile Home Decorating Ideas: Hollywood Style

The show apparently took the style the family liked most and created the most over-the-top representation possible. They took the classic library, 1950’s retro, and colorful 1970’s style and ran with it.

Classic Library Style

The owners probably liked the classic libraries or smoking rooms you see in mansions so the show created it. Opulent velvet and scrollwork set the stage for a classy traditional look.

unique mobile home decor - classic traditional living room with fireplace

A mobile home living room in the classic library/smoking room style.

Mobile Home Disaster - single wide mobile home living room makeover - teal traditional library style 3

The velvet sofa and scrolled bookcases takes the look to the extreme,

unique mobile home decor - classic traditional dining room

This is so fancy!

Retro Fabulous Mobile Home Makeover

This family obviously liked the 1950s and 60s. I’ll admit, this is a pretty awesome mobile home makeover. A little over the top never hurt anything!

unique mobile home decor - retro style living room

This living room is retro fabulous!

unique mobile home decor - retro style kitchen

Where’s the roller skating ladies and jukebox?

unique mobile home decor - retro style dining room

LOVE that dining room set!


Hunting Cabin Style

Older mobile homes are used for hunting and camping cabins all the time in West Virginia. That’s how I was introduced to the older models; they would be permanently set up at campgrounds we visited. This mobile home makeover is another favorite. They created the ultimate hunting cabin:

unique mobile home decor - country cabin style living room

A comfy hunting cabin style.

unique mobile home decor - country cabin style kitchen

A peek at the hunting cabin style kitchen and breakfast bar.

Colorful Sixties?

This is one colorful mobile home! I’m not sure what to call this unique mobile home decorating style. I really like the way they created a small seating arrangement in front of the fireplace. The professional designers always say to keep your furniture off the walls and bunch them together for easy conversation.

unique mobile home decor - bright and colorful living room

The furniture placement is great in this living room.

unique mobile home decor - bright and colorful living room w velvet sofa

Fancy and colorful!

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Unique Mobile Home Decorating Ideas: Misc Styles

The rest of the pics I found are just one room for each style.

Classic Black Kitchen

The show has been off the air for 12 years so this classic black kitchen was ahead of its time. Kitchens with black and gray cabinets are huge trends right now.

unique mobile home decor - classic black kitchen

This classic black kitchen was ahead of its time.

Colorful Southwestern Kitchen

I see both a southwestern style and a nod toward classic dutch decor but I’m going to say this is southwestern. The stenciled cabinetry is unique.

unique mobile home decor - colorful kitchen

A cozy colorful kitchen.


Soothing Simplicity

I love simple designs and calm colors. This kitchen has both. Removing the doors from the middle upper cabinets is a great way to open the space up and display pretty stuff.

unique mobile home decor ideas - opulent library style

Eclectic kitchens are pretty.

Unique Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Ready to visit the bedrooms for some unique mobile home decorating ideas?

Bedrooms are fun because they aren’t seen as much as the rest of the home so you can really go wild in any color or style you want.

Classic Black and White

This first bedroom is a very nice. The walls are a matte black and they added dimension and interest with trim. I like it!

unique mobile home decorating ideas - black bedroom

Black and white will always be a home decorating favorite.

Metallic Opulence

This bedroom is very Hollywood glam. Silver and black metallic wallpaper with red accents pair well together when you want glamour.

unique mobile home decor - metallic black bedroom

Another black bedroom.

Eclectic Bedroom

I like everything about this bedroom. Unique mobile home decorating ideas can be pulled from the most common things. I see similar wall art at Goodwill and flea markets all the time.

unique mobile home decor - calm bedroom

Simple but beautiful.

Great Geometry

Remember, this show was filmed in 2004/2005 and geometric design or bright accent colors weren’t a big decorating trend, yet. The show’s designers certainly had an eye for upcoming decor.

unique mobile home decorating ideas - geometric bedroom

Geometric is a huge decorating trend. The colors are, too.

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These unique mobile home decorating ideas may be a little over-the-top but they all prove that anything is possible for your mobile home

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All room photos owned by Cass Cass on Flickr.