Unique Mobile Home Decorating Ideas From Hollywood

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  1. Where can I find the fleetwood single wide floor plans for the 1980’s?
    Also, I’m having pluming issues & need to know how the 86-87 fleetwood pluming layout

    1. Hi Caressa,

      I would try contacting Fleetwood via email. Make sure to give them the exact model and year of the home but don’t expect much – there are so many different models (and of course buyers have changes made to homes when ordering) that the chances of them having the information you want is little to none.

      The only other option you may have is running across an advertisement or brochure for your model but that’s not a likely thing to happen either unfortunately.

      One of the great things about manufactured homes is their simplicity of construction. Likely, your water lines are running under the floor on whatever side your water heater is on (or the majority of your faucets) and come up through the floor to each faucet. You should be able to follow the lines directly from your water heater and figure out the rest. The only plumbing schematics I’ve ever seen for a mobile home were practically useless.

      Is there a particular reason you need the floor plan? What exactly is your plumbing issue? I’m sure we can help you without needing to go through all the trouble of finding the literature.

      Thanks so much for reading Mobile Home Living!

  2. Does this site recommend people who do this kind of work? Also, who do I need to tell me it may not be worth it. I now have my grandmothers mobile home, and parting with it breaks my heart, as our whole family have so many memories there.

    1. Hi Tamantha,

      Unfortunately, I don’t recommend companies (not even manufactured home builders). I think its better for me to remain neutral and be a voice for the homeowners and not the companies making money off us. I can give you lots of tips for finding a good contractor that will work on manufactured homes though.

      Usually, if you can repair the minor issues and put a new coat of paint and maybe some new floors down in an older mobile home you can have a great summer cottage or even rent it out. I bet your family would love to have a place to get together every now and then!