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The Davis’ Sweet Remodel and Their Interview

Yesterday, I was honored to get to feature Skip and Lynn Davis’s gorgeous home. The fact that they had never remodeled or done any DIY themselves did not slow them down one bit. After they retired, sold their brick home and paid cash for their 1997 Clayton single wide, they began making their new house a home. The results of this single wide remodel are truly magnificent!

The Davis' Sweet Remodel and Their Interview 2

Lynn and Skip have completely transformed each room in the house into beautiful spaces. Texturizing the walls, replacing the flooring, painting and adding personal touches throughout has made this home more comfortable and stylish and a real treat for us!

They took their single wide and made it into their own by not being scared to change, remove and replace things, which is necessary for transforming a house into the home you dream of.

Lynn’s interview speaks more of their adventures:

Name:  Lynn and Skip Davis
Location: Bethany, Louisiana (10 miles SW of Shreveport)
Model/Year/Manufacturer/Size: 1997, Cavalier, 16×80, 3 bedroom/2 baths – we bought the home from the original owners in March 2002.
Years Lived in:  10 years – 3 years in a park and 7 years on our own 2 acres.
My favorite style:  I guess you could say Traditional Country Cottage?
My Inspiration:  I just wanted my home to look more like a real house rather than a “trailer.”  A neighbor friend was remodeling his double-wide and that’s what inspired us.  He showed us how to texture and put up the beadboard and we went from there.
Favorite room/place in the home:  That’s hard to say, but, I love looking at my little guest room and bath.  Sort of has a cottage look.
Biggest Challenge so far:  Texturing the walls and painting – we’ve never, ever done any kind of diy projects before.
What friends say:  They are amazed at what we’ve done.  The first time I had my Bunco group (11 ladies plus myself) they were all so surprised at how my home looked inside and how roomy it really is.   My greatest compliment came from my 9-year-old granddaughter, Savannah.  She said, “Mimi, I love this place.  It’s just so cozy.”
Biggest Embarrassment:  I can’t really say it’s an embarrassment, but we had siding put on the house and instead of skirting I had them put the siding all the way to the ground, so it would look more like a house.  I love the look, but access is very restricted; we only have 3 access points.  I wish we’d put skirting instead.  Oh, well!
Proudest DIY moment:  My husband textured the walls and put up beadboard himself!!  I was soooo proud of him – he’d never done anything like that before.  He also laid the Allure flooring in the master bathroom.
The Davis' Sweet Remodel and Their Interview 8
Textured walls and beautiful flooring.
Biggest Indulgence:  The most expensive update was our metal roof, patio cover, and patio.  Of course, we had to hire this done.
Best advice:  If you plan to stay in your home for a long time like we do, then make it as beautiful as you can!
Sources of materials/supplies for remodel:  Home Depot:  Allure Flooring; Lowe’s:  Valspar primer and paint;  Floor Connection (Shreveport):  carpet
The backdoor holds one of Lynn’s most special works of art. Her brother, Mike, loved to make stained glass art and gave them a few pieces. He has since passed but his work will forever be displayed in her home.
The Davis' Sweet Remodel and Their Interview 11
The backdoor. Lynn’s brother made the stained glass.
Skip and Lynn had to trust their gut instincts just like we all do when making changes to a home. They had an awkward space in their living room which is very typical of mobile homes. There seems to always be one place in every mobile home that just makes no sense!
Lynn explains. “..there was a bar in that funky little corner by one of the recliners – it took up so much room and half the walk-way between the kitchen and living room. We tore that buddy out and have never regretted it!”
The Davis’s do have a gorgeous home and I’m so thankful to have been able to feature it. A huge thanks to Steven for telling me about this gorgeous home and for Lynn for answering my email!
We have plenty more great information and inspiration coming up so make sure to come back!
Thank you so much for reading Mobile Home Living!

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3 thoughts on “The Davis’ Sweet Remodel and Their Interview”

  1. I must say I am in love! I am on the verge on a mobile reno myself. I have already done some but had to abandon the project due to family issues but now I am now back at! Seeing the possibilities through you is so inspiring! Your home just screams comfort and just hominess. Which is exactly what I am going for. Your home is just beautiful!

  2. Hi Crystal, I’m really glad I was able to find your page and became a subscriber. I have been looking on here to see if you had anything on a stand alone roof-over if anyone had had that done or did it there selves. Its something I’m interested in doing but I’d like to know more about it such as the pros and cons. I’d really like to add on to the back of our home and make it into our family room and make our living room our new dining room. I have found a lot of good ideas on your page and have used some of them already. Thank you, Margaret

    1. Hi Margaret!

      Roofing is way out of my comfort zone so I have to bug a lot of professionals and research a lot of websites to get the right information. The stand alone roof-overs seem to be the most liked for a few reasons, especially that the home doesn’t have to bare the weight of the new roof. The most popular stand alone roof design seems to be 4×4 or 6×6 posts placed right up against the home every few feet to support the new roof. I wrote this article a few days ago that may help a bit: https://mobilehomeliving.org/popular-mobile-home-roof-over-materials/

      Best of luck and thanks so much for reading MHL!

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