5 Things to Know Before Visiting a Manufactured Home Dealership

5 Things to Know Before Visiting a Manufactured Home Dealer

Manufactured homes have come a long way since the 1960s in both design and quality. It is easy to find a manufactured home that fits every need and budget. Models range from the bare basics to top-of-the-line luxury design. We’ve shared a ton of great articles about buying mobile and manufactured homes. In this article,

Re-Level a Mobile Home in a Day

Mobile homes become unlevel for many reasons. They can settle into the ground due to excessive moisture, experience ground heave, or can have damaged shims, or wedges. Loose and broken wedges are common, especially if non-treated or softwood was used. Re-leveling a mobile home does exactly what it says, it re-levels the mobile home so

manufactured home site prep

Manufactured Home Site-Prep: Soil, Drainage, and Grading

A properly prepared lot is critical for a long-lasting healthy manufactured home. The manufactured home installation process is complex – more so than most people realize. It’s so complex that manufactured home site-prep and land development must be done by professionals that have been trained, licensed, and bonded in most states. Manufactured Home Sites are

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Learn Why a Manufactured Home Inspection is so Important

Anyone in the process of buying or selling a manufactured home needs to invest in a manufactured home inspection. Admittedly, home buyers will likely get the most benefit from an inspection, but they can be just as beneficial to a seller.   Buying a mobile home is a tedious process, especially if you are doing

mobile home manuals - installation and homeowner manuals for popular mobile and manufactured home models

The Directory of Mobile Home Manuals

Mobile home manuals have a lot of helpful information! We’ve created this directory of mobile home manuals to help you find relevant resources for your manufactured home. The problem is, with thousands of models created by hundreds of mobile home builders over the decades, finding information on your home can be difficult. But You Need to

Old Fashioned Type Of Cellar Door

Basements Under Mobile Homes

In our last post we shared the latest update of “The Whim,” a gorgeous cedar-shake sided single wide owned by Marie and Richard. It sits beside a lake in Wisconsin and is, by all measures, a perfect example of the unlimited potential that mobile homes have. The home was situated on a slight slope and