Parsleys Trailer Park

Vintage mobile homes and mobile home parks go hand in hand! There couldn’t, and shouldn’t, be one without the other so it’s only fair that we cover them equally.

Parsley Trailer Park

This first few images are of the Parsley Trailer Park outside of St. Petersburg, Florida in a smaller town called Redington Shores.

The founder of the 25-acre park was W.R. Parsley and from the little information I was able to round up he seemed like a fair man with keen business sense. He founded the park at a time when travel trailers were the name of the game, not the permanent year-round homes they later became. It was a bet on a business that may or may not have been profitable. Yet he seemed to understand the significance that mobile housing was making on the country and it paid off tremendously – in 2003 the park was sold for $28 million dollars.

trailer parks-w.r. parsley founder of parsley trailer park

The Evening Independent

trailer parks-Parsleys Trailer Park

Source: Greg Tykal – Flickr

trailer parks-Parsleys trailer park vintage

Source: alanp_photo – Flickr

trailer parks-parsleys trailer park office


trailer parks-Parsleys trailer park

Source: unknown

The nation has enjoyed a slew of gorgeous, and famous, mobile home parks. Some of the most successful were in Florida and California, though Arizona shouldn’t be left out. Anywhere the sun was sure to shine was a perfect spot for a park!

Other Great Trailer Parks

The next image is of the Trumbo Hotel and Trailer Park and is an illustration made in the late 1930s.

trailer parks-trumbo hotel and trailer park late 1930s


The Vagabond Trailer Park in Spokane, WA is as iconic for its gorgeous landscaping and unique setting. I need to live here.

trailer parks-Vagabond Trailer Lodge Spokane WA

Source: Ethan – Flickr

The Hollywood Beach Trailer Park in sunny Florida was a prime place to visit for the winter or call home for the entire year. Source:

trailer parks-hollywood trailer park


There’s not much online about the Willow Trailer Park in Long Beach California (compared to other famous parks).

trailer parks-willow trailer park California long beach


Trailer Park Signs

Every park needs a sign! More than just advertising, these signs have become iconic and collector’s items of the most die-hard collectors.

The Blue Skies Village neon sign is one of the most famous and recognizable park signs. Blue Skies was founded by an A-list movie stars of the 1950s and is still going strong. One of the most unique aspects of Blue Skies is the fact that residents own the land instead of leasing it. Properties now go for an average of $880,000 and the HOA fees are only around $240 per month. Compared to home prices in the surrounding neighborhoods this is a great deal.

trailer parks-Blue Skies trailer park sign

Source: Drew Mackie – Flickr

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More trailer park signs follow. I wasn’t able to find specific information about them but just looking at them makes me smile. I hope they will do the same for you!

trailer parks-trailer park signs


trailer parks-trailer park signs 2

Source: Scrappy – Flickr

trailer parks-old trailer park sign

Source: Bill Rose – Flickr

trailer parks-el rova trailer park sign

Source: Marc Shur – Flickr

Trailer parks get a bad reputation but they shouldn’t. Of course, not all of them are perfect but they each have their own advantages and benefits. To disregard parks is to disregard American history and cast off millions of people.

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A park is full of people from all walks of life. Some are good, some are great, some don’t deserve the air they breathe, but those same people are found in every neighborhood in America. We, as a society, must stop judging those that live in a park. They are just as worthy as someone living in a million dollar mansion – if you ask me, they are even more worthy of our respect because it’s the middle and lower class that carries this nation to greatness day in and day out. Bless them all.

Thank you for reading Mobile Home Living! 

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  1. We are a mobile home community, open since 1957. We have gone through some tough times, but seem to be coming back strong. Any PRO-Mobile Home info or pics are great!

    1. Hello! Your beautiful park couldn’t be situated in a better spot, huh? I bet the fishing is awesome!! So glad you found MMHL – good mobile home parks are so vitally important to our country and the good ones should be honored and respected. If there’s anything I can do to help just let me know!

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